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4 Quick Toning Exercises for the WAHM


Sometimes we feel that our busy lifestyles are the perfect excuse for not performing toning exercises each day. A tone and fit body will actually help you to achieve more throughout your hectic day, will put a smile on your face and will put a bounce back in your step. There are so many different workout routines you can select from, but the more complex, the more you opt not to stick with these routines.

Below you will find some easy fitness ideas to fit in to any lifestyle. It is the perfect way to just get started. Many times your body just needs a little motivation or a jump start to get moving again. You will be surprised that once you begin, your body will like the results, you will feel better, and your desire to increase your workout routine will come naturally. Here are some quick toning exercises to try:

1. Getting Ready for Your Day

Simple fitness exercises can easily be incorporated into all you do. In the morning as you dry your wet head, try some simple toning exercises at the same time in front of the mirror. Simply stand with feet apart, stomach in and squeeze the buttocks. Release the muscles as you gently squat while exhaling. On your way back to the standing position, tighten the buttocks and hold in the stomach muscles once again while inhaling a deep breath. 

2. Workout on the Road

Most of us already enjoy listening to the music while we drive ourselves to and from different places. Now you can easily tone your stomach muscles at the same time. When you breathe in, suck your stomach in as far as it will go. Now as you exhale, push your stomach out as far as you can. Continue this motion to the beat of the music as fast or as slow as you like. If you feel this is too distracting from the rules of the road, simply incorporate this movement at red lights only.

3. In Your Office

If you have a swivel chair in your office, place your feet firmly and flat on the ground. Lift your elbows out to the side, and twist yourself back and forth while holding in your stomach. Repeat throughout the day to rejuvenate yourself and get those juices flowing.

4. Get off the Couch

Many of us find ourselves on the couch watching television at the days end. Try placing some hand weights, a stair stepper or an exercise bike conveniently nearby. This way, you will be reminded to spend some time working out while still enjoying your favorite shows. When your mind is preoccupied, working out becomes less tedious and it is done with little or no effort. 

These are only a few ideas to get you started. As you can see, the purpose is to point out that we can multi-task throughout our day and always incorporate some quick toning routines. You will feel better, look better and smile more without ever feeling as though you put in a tough workout.

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