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4 Necessary Remedies to Keep in Your Medicine Cabinet


The best way to keep your medicine cabinet well stocked with necessary remedies is to look at the types of medical discomfort you and your family are most likely to encounter.  Medical misfortune is a fact of life, especially with kids running around, but there is much your can do to be prepared for it.

1. Skin Concerns

Scrapes, punctures, cuts and burns: a well-stocked medicine cabinet will have the material to soothe all of these nuisances. Keep both a topical disinfectant, such as hydrogen peroxide or even simple rubbing alcohol, to first apply to wounds, as well as an antibiotic cream, such as Neosporin, to apply later. A wide selection of varying sizes of bandages, gauze and medical tape will prepare you to minister to a tricky cut on a little one's finger joint, as well as your own stove-burned wrist. Preventatives of skin ailments should also be available in your medicine supply, such as bug spray, sun block and lip balm.

2. Cold and Pain

You will need to be well-stocked will several varieties of cold medicines to feed your child's cold throughout every stage (and as it progresses). Sore throat drops or spray, nasal decongestant, cough suppressant, and an overnight general relief medication all help you treat the murky waters of an upper respiratory infection. Know which brand gives your child the most comfort, and keep three days worth on hand at all times. Keep a store of your children's best tolerated cold medicines, and make sure you buy the flavors they prefer (and will actually take).

3. Stomach

Stomach ailments are nearly impossible to avoid, no matter what your diet. Again, to quickly settle your child's stomach, it is important to know what works best for you and your family. Some people cannot look at a bottle of pink liquid  or chewable antacids without feeling ill, while most children would take the bubblegum pink over a pill any day.  Cimetidine tablets will treat heartburn and indigestion without offensive flavor. Anti-diarrhea  are another medication you will be grateful to have nearby if the need arises.

4. Emergencies

Be prepared for basic emergencies. Syrup of Ipecac is valuable to have in any home with children, and will induce tremendous vomiting to help counter accidental poisoning. Be sure you consult your poison control center before taking it. The poison control hotline is a number you should keep, either with your emergency medical supplies, or programmed into your phone. Your most valuable possession in an emergency is likely to be your phone.

The time to see your doctor is any time you have a question. When things occur that are unfamiliar or frightening, let a professional diagnose your family. Strange rashes, lumps, unexpected blood, and conditions that don't go away no matter how you treat them, are all reasons to consult a doctor.

Unfortunately, small medical mishaps are guaranteed in life, especially in a home with children. Having basic tools, preventatives and medications on hand will lessen the impact of those unavoidable afflictions.

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