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4 Marketing Strategies to Maximize Your Online Business Presence


Maximizing your online business presence will help you to attract more business. Marketing strategies that focus on expanding your brand online is helpful for business growth, and for building a loyal customer base. Not all strategies are worth pursuing, because they promise little or no return on your investment. These are the marketing strategies that are proven to maximize your online presence:

1. Open a Business Account on Yelp

The first thing that many consumers do these days when they learn about a company is check the Internet for reviews. is the leading review website, and can be influential in encouraging or discouraging people to buy from you. Ordinary people use Yelp to complain about businesses or to sing their praises, and the more good things that are said about you, the better.

In addition to the reviews, you have an opportunity to open a business account on Yelp. That's a huge advantage, because you can create your own profile and list information about your company. Search engines will rank your profile on Yelp higher than the "About Us" page on your own website, so it's important to take advantage of that. You also get to respond to reviews, which helps you to control negative responses.

2. Post Videos

Video marketing is one of the best marketing strategies for maximizing your online business presence. YouTube searches are almost surpassing Google searches, because people prefer watching videos to reading written content in most cases. Whether you use YouTube, Vimeo or another video sharing websites, it's important to post videos on a regular basis. You'll increase your chances of posting content that goes viral with videos, than with articles or blog posts. You can hire an intern or video production company to help you create videos, or you can buy a flip camera and produce your own.

3. Network with Higher Ranking Website Owners

The rule that "it's all about who you know" doesn't change on the Internet. You have to network just as much online, and in some cases, more. Start by getting to know the business owners in your industry who are the "authorities," for search engine purposes. These are the owners of the websites that appear in the first page or two in Google search results, when you search the keywords you target on your website. Try to connect with the ones who are not your direct competitors. If you're successful, the relationship can result in:

  • An inbound link from their website to yours
  • Cross promotion opportunities
  • You posting a guest blog on their website with information about your business

Networking with these website owners is easier said than done, because they want to protect their online status, and they may view you as competition. Don't give up when people say no, or are not interested. Keep trying with others on your list.

4. Social Media Marketing

You'll hardly have an online business presence if you don't implement social media marketing strategies. YouTube, Facebook and other social media channels are being searched more heavily than even Google. Open accounts on the following social media channels and create profiles using search keywords that you want to target:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

You need a presence on these key social media channels, and depending on your line of work, you may have to work hard to build an online community.

Write out a marketing plan to implement all of these marketing strategies. Include deadlines for opening accounts, producing videos and contacting other website owners.

Daphne Mallory, Esq. is the co-owner of Mallory Writing Services and has written more than 100 articles helping home based business owners and entrepreneurs start and market their business. You can learn more about her here.

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