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4 Learning Activities for Your Preschooler


Learning activities are very important for early childhood development. These activities help children improve their learning skills so that they are prepared for future learning. It is important that these activities are done in a non pressure and casual environment. Taking these activities at a pace that is comfortable for the children helps to make learning easy and fun for them.

There are a number of learning activities that children can be introduced to. While some are learnt through books, there are others that require hands-on experience. Learning activities are crucial for proper and complete development of children. They help children gain basic knowledge before they can attend school. Here are some fun learning activities for you preschooler.

1 - Match the Letters

This is a wonderful learning activity for teaching children the alphabet. Make two sets of cards with all the letters. Show your children one card and have them pick the matching letter from the other set of cards. This activity will enhance their recognition skills. In addition to this, it will also teach them how different letters sound. You can also make an alphabet puzzle out of card paper and have your child put it together. This will teach children to put together all the letters correctly.

2 - Animal Count

This is a very helpful activity if you want to teach your preschooler numbers and how to count. Give your child pictures of different animals. Make sure that the number of animals in each picture is different. Show them a picture of the animals they are supposed to count. You can also show them pictures with more than one kind of animal.  Ask them to count how many animals of each type are there. This learning activity can teach children to count and differentiate between animals.

3 - Match the Colors

Another good learning activity for preschoolers is matching different colors. Here you can show children pictures with objects of different colors. Then show them pictures of the same objects in the same colors and ask them to match the two. Labeling the colors can be really helpful. This activity will teach children to distinguish colors. You can also say the color out loud while asking the children to distinguish it. This can help them pronounce the color and remember it if they are asked again.

4 - Riddles

These are ideal for teaching children to find out answers by themselves. You can use riddles pertaining to animals or various objects that they already know. Provide some clues that are simple and easy to understand. Encourage your child to come up with the answer with the help of these clues. You can slowly increase the difficulty level of the riddles as your child gets better. Riddles help the child to develop individual thinking and improve their intelligence.

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