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Summer Family Vacation Ideas


Whether your family likes to get exercise, take in shows or visit historic landmarks, one of these ideas for summer family vacations is sure to suit you. 

1. The Beach

Beaches are popular vacation destinations for good reason. Many beaches around the country are free to use and access, and others require only a small fee. There are a variety of activities your family members could enjoy, from swimming, surfing and snorkeling to relaxing pastimes like reading or socializing while sunbathing.

2. The Mountains

Though you might be more likely to think of a trip to the mountains during ski season, many ranges around the country are also excellent places for a summer vacation. A benefit of going to the mountains in the summer can be that hotels and resorts are in the off-season and will therefore charge less for rooms. Visiting in the off-season will also likely mean that there are fewer people around, which can make your family travel more peaceful. Mountain vacations can be especially fun for more active families that enjoy activities like rock climbing and hiking.

3. Major Cities

There are a number of larger cities around the country that provide lots of attractions. Whether you're looking for a big city environment for the restaurants or because you're interested in music, arts, dance or other cultural activities, cities are often the best places to experience diversity and excitement. Depending on what your family hopes to get out of the vacation, you could visit a coastal city, one with a major league baseball team or a location with universities your high school-aged children are considering.

4. Road Trip

Road trips can be as long or as short as you'd like. You can make small stops along the way to visit an animal sanctuary, a famous architectural site, a park or any locations that most interest you. You can even plan a road trip without a primary destination if you'd like to see several sites and divide your time evenly.

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