4 Ideas for a Pet Business


If you love animals, you're not alone. Pets become part of our families and are like children to many people. So, a pet business can be a great idea. Here are some ideas to consider for a pet business.

1. Pet Photography

A pet photography business is a wonderful niche market. Most pet owners would like photos taken with their pets (or of their pets alone), but many traditional photo studios don't allow pets.

Once you have a decent camera and know some basic photography skills, you can start a website touting your pet photography business. Offer ideas to customers: how do pets photograph best? Do you have settings you recommend? Should the animal be photographed by himself or with an owner? Do you have holiday settings and props for Christmas photos, for instance?

Contact those in charge of animal events around town and see if you could come to have photos available at their event.

2. Pet Clothing

Many pet owners (particularly dog owners) love to dress up their pets. If you have some basic design and sewing skills, a pet clothing business could be a fun business for you. Look online to get ideas for costumes: knitted sweaters, costumes designed around a theme (Wizard of Oz, Disney characters, etc). Then, you'll want to create samples of your costumes to photograph.

Where to advertise your pet creations? Local pet events and craft fairs are great places to start; you can branch out by pitching your wares to local pet stores and see if they are interested in stocking your items. There are great online options as well; Etsy.com and eBay to name a few.

3. Pet Bakery

It's not just humans that like a little Starbucks-style food pampering: pets do, too (or at least their owners like to provide it for them!). Pet bakeries are springing up to provide Snoopy and Fluffy with treats just for them.

This is an easy business to run from home. You'll just need to find a recipe for dog biscuits (or whatever animal treat you'd like, although dog treats are a popular place to start), bake them up, and package them attractively.

You can sell your items at pet shows and possibly at local pet stores (check with shop owners), and also online through your own website.

Differentiate yourself by creating a logo for your company to put on tags, and perhaps come up with a unique packaging look to make your company stand out. Decide on an angle to feature - all natural ingredients, heart-healthy dog treats, organic cat treats, etc.

4. Pet Sitting

This is a business requiring you to create nothing--you just provide yourself as a pet companion. Leaving pets at a kennel while the owners are away is expensive and can be traumatic for a pet, so many pet owners are interesting in pet sitters who will come to their home and care for their pets daily (or sometimes more often).

You can begin this business on a small scale by advertising in your neighborhood. Make up a flier and put it in neighbors' mailboxes, advertising your availability and rates.

The sky is the limit for pet-related businesses. Let your imagination soar, and you'll come up with the perfect pet business idea for you!


Susan Braun is a freelance writer living with her husband, three daughters, 2 rabbits, 2 gerbils and hedgehog in Indiana.  She writes at girlsinwhitedresses.wordpress.com and Associated Content.

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