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4 Home Office Yoga Exercises for Quick Rejuvenation


While you may not have room for a yoga ball in your home office, there are still a lot of home office yoga exercises for quick rejuvenation that you can easily do. No longer do you have to wait to feel more balanced and ward off any serious health issues. Now you can do some of the following office stretches to reliever the stress and tension in your back, neck and shoulders.

Exercise #1: Shoulder Rolls

In order to do this you will need to sit upright in your chair without slouching. You will want to inhale as you lift your right shoulder to your ear. Now exhale and slowly roll your shoulders around and then back as you drop them away from your ear. After you do this with your right shoulder, you will want to repeat it with your left shoulder. Make sure to do this three times on each side. Once you have done three repetitions on each side, inhale and lift both of your shoulders up to your ears, hold them there, exhale and then release.

Exercise #2: Neck Stretch

This is another yoga pose where you will want to sit upright properly in your chair but this time let your back touch the back of the chair. Inhale and then exhale while dropping your right ear to your right shoulder without turning your head or lifting your shoulder. Hold this pose while you take five breaths then repeat on the opposite side. Not only is this a good stretch for your neck but it is also great for your spine too.

Exercise #3: Chair Twists

You will want to sit on the edge of your chair while you do this yoga pose. Make sure that the left side of your body faces the back of your chair and that you keep both your knees and your feet together. Once you are in this position you will want to place your hands on the back of your chair with your elbows extending out to the side. Now inhale as you straighten your spine and then use the bottom of your spine to twist towards the back of your chair. With your left hand push on the chair and with your right hand, pull on the chair. Take in a deep breath, then switch sides and repeat. This will unlock the tension that you feel after you spend a long time sitting at your desk.

Exercise #4: Arm Stretch

For this yoga pose you will need to stand up and clasp your hands behind you or hold onto a scarf. With your hands behind you, lift your arms up as high as you can while also lifting up your sternum. You will want to hold this pose for 30 to 45 seconds.

A little desk yoga will help you feel more comfortable sitting at your desk for long hours at a time. These yoga exercises are not only easy to do anywhere but they are also quick too. So there really isn't any reason why you shouldn't start doing them today.

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