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4 Effective Sales & Marketing Tips for Your Home Business


The home business can use sales marketing tactics that successful company owners have used over time, along with new media strategies for the most effective use of time and resources. Having a steady stream of customers is an essential part of business survival. To find new and keep existing customers, various types of marketing and advertising activities are key components for success.

1. Research Effectively

Each business and region is different, so certain marketing strategies may work better than others for many businesses. Costs and budget are also a concern in order to determine what you can afford to spend money on. Paying attention to this will ensure that you get the most out of your advertising and marketing dollar.

2. Devise a Marketing Plan

Create a business advertising strategy that includes business cards and flyers, ads, promotional materials, referrals, articles, search engines, blogging, directory listings and email marketing. Study materials offered by organizations such as those offered by the Small Business Administration and professional marketing agencies to find out what may work best for your particular business products and services.

3. Internet Advertising

In order to use Internet advertising effectively, you should have a well-designed website. You can save money by using simple design programs offered by many affordable web hosts to create your own website. Alternatively, outsource the job to a website designer that has experience working with your type of service or product. You can find reputable web designers through organizations such as a webmaster directory online or in web hosting forums. Even if you do not plan on selling products online, a website can be used to display your products, services, rates and other key information and to advertise your business. By allowing for access online, you can also cut down on phone requests which can waste precious time.

4. Free Marketing and Publicity

Use a free press release service online to send out an Internet press release. This is an effective tool to get the word out about your business. Hold contests or drawings with prizes that your target market might be interested in. This can include gift cards, discounts and free services. Submit your website to major search engines. For example, SubmitExpress will submit supply company websites to the 20 top search engines free of charge. By doing this, prospects searching for supplies will be more likely to find a listed company. List your business in the directory and other online directories.

Use search engine advertising so that you have a top rank and can be easily found by consumers. Write a short ad which can link to your website. You will only need to pay when visitors click on your ad and go to your website. Companies that offer this service include Google, Bing, Yahoo and some other search engines. Many offer incentives such as coupons with free clicks to advertise.

Check with email marketing companies like ConstantContact to assist you with building a customer list and to use autoresponders. Write articles and publish them in directories. All of the above tactics are easy and effective ways to market and advertise your home based business.

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