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4 Disadvantages of Natural Childbirth


There are a lot of arguments about natural childbirth nowadays. Some people say that it is how every woman should give birth. However, not all pregnancy cases are meant to be delivered through natural methods. There are a lot of complicated cases wherein medical interventions are needed, especially when the lives of the mother and the baby are at stake.

In reality, natural childbirth also has its own disadvantages. It is only up to the mother and her doctor if she is a healthy candidate for natural methods of giving birth.

Disadvantage #1 - Natural Childbirth does not Eliminate Pain

This is perhaps the most dreaded part of all mothers, new and old. Natural methods mean that mothers will feel everything connected with childbirth. From the labor, to the pushing - these feelings are all felt by the mother because natural methods do not remove the pain. Therefore, natural childbirth is for those mothers who have been conditioned to do such, as well as those who are healthy enough to tolerate the pain of childbirth.

Mothers only have the choice of breathing, meditation, and changing their positions to help lighten the pain that they feel during childbirth. Therefore, mothers who opt to birth through natural methods should and must prepare ahead of time for everything that she will be going through.

Disadvantage #2 - Natural Childbirth can Lead to Prolonged Labor

Because natural childbirth does not offer pain management, mothers who have low tolerances for pain tend to be weak when they need to push hard. This may lead to prolonged labor, or even a more complicated labor which usually needs a number of medical interventions. That is why mothers should think of natural methods way ahead of their due date because they need to condition their minds so that their bodies may also be conditioned.

Disadvantage #3 - Natural Childbirth can Wear Mothers Out

Because there is no pain management, mothers usually end up being exhausted, leaving them with no strength to continue. That is why there are some mothers who give birth by natural methods that end up staying longer in the delivery room because they are gathering their strength to push and to have the mentality that they can go on. This is why mothers who birth by natural methods are screened if they are eligible to continue or not. Various medical situations can affect both the mother and the baby, so there are doctors who are strongly against natural childbirth in complicated cases.

At any time during labor, except when the mother is very close to delivery, mothers can back out and ask for an epidural to continue giving birth to their little ones.

Disadvantage #4 - Natural Childbirth can Heighten the Risks of Blood Loss

Because there are no drugs administered, and no effective pain management other than breathing and meditation, natural childbirth may increase blood loss during delivery. This can be fatal, especially when paired with a long labor because the mother may eventually lose too much blood, faint, or can have even more complications which would lead into more drugs and medications. It is still best that mothers consult their ob-gynes to determine which is the best birth method for them.

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