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4 Benefits of Natural Childbirth


Childbirth is one of the biggest pregnancy related fears that women have; especially for a first-time mother. This is rooted in stories of the excruciating pain and complications that may accompany childbirth. Despite these tales of woe, some women still opt to give birth naturally. While natural childbirth particulars vary from case to case, there are quite a number of advantages that natural childbirth can give.

Benefit #1 - Natural Childbirth is Faster

The use of anesthesia such as an epidural prevents the mother from feeling if she is pushing hard enough for her baby. With natural childbirth, she can feel whether she needs to push harder or if it is already enough. Ultimately, the whole process will be faster when compared to being under anesthesia.

The labor (i.e. effectiveness of the contractions) itself is not slowed because of the anesthesia. Pushes are more effective. Additionally, the potential for negative side effects from anesthesia is also eliminated (for the mother and child if general anesthesia is used).

Benefit #2 - Natural Childbirth Shuns the Damage of Drugs or Forceps to the Baby's Brain

Since there is no epidural or other drugs administered to the mother, natural childbirth removes the dangers of possible toxics which may come in contact with the baby. There are some cases where anesthesia does more harm than good to both mother and baby; natural childbirth can prevent this from happening.

In addition, forceps applied to pull out the baby from the mother's birth canal are notorious for the hazards they may bring. Most of the time forceps leave marks on the baby's soft forehead or even some cases cause brain damage. An epidural prevents the mother from feeling if she is pushing correctly, so forceps may be used to help the mother's push. With natural childbirth, the mother knows that the baby is going out well, and there is usually no need for forceps.

Benefit #3 - Natural Childbirth Heightens the Baby's Alertness

Since both baby and mother are not drugged, the baby then arrives into the world in a much more alert state as compared to those who were birthed under drugs. They are also more active, and generally healthier than other babies delivered with drugs.

Babies birthed through natural methods are typically more connected to their mothers. These babies can also use their instincts better, and are generally more responsive to their mother's or father's gazes and touches.

Benefit #4 - Natural Childbirth Empowers the Mother

Because mothers know that they gave birth naturally and without the need for surgeries or drugs, they feel empowered, thereby giving them greater motivation to participate in the birthing process. In addition to that, mothers can also heal quicker than those who gave birth under anesthesia. They are not required to stay reclined (as in the case of a spinal) or will not be groggy (in the case of general anesthesia); this means they will be better able to experience the first moments of their babies' lives. As a result, hospital stays are shorter and mothers can resume their normal activities after a few days. The healing process is also shorter, and mothers feel more connected to their newborn child.

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