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3 Ways to Stay Healthy When You Work from Home

Working from home can make healthy living difficult. Try these suggestions to get your health back on track and feel great!
A mom making a salad with her daughter.

With the misery of winter slowly becoming a distant memory, it’s easy to see the promise of spring right around the corner. And along with warmer temps come thoughts of Easter bunnies—and bathing suits. But if you’re like most telecommuters, staying in shape can be a huge challenge. Here’s how to stay healthy when you work from home.

Set a Timer

After you’ve gotten your kids safely off to school, it’s easy to become engrossed in your work—and lose track of time. You might find that you’ve been sitting for three hours straight without having gotten up once. Studies have shown time and time again that sitting for long stretches can increase your risk for serious health issues such as heart attacks or even cancer. So set a timer to remind yourself to get up at least once every 30 minutes or so. You can do some stretches or even take a stroll to boost your circulation.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Let’s face it: one of the biggest perks of working from home is getting to work in comfy clothes. (Pajamas, anyone?) Thing is, when you dress a little too comfortably, it can impede not only your productivity, but your health as well. Try instead to wear exercise clothes a few times a week as a casual “reminder” to get up and exercise on your lunch break. You’ll be more inclined to work out if you’re already dressed for it!

Eat Healthy

When you work from home, the fridge can quickly become your best friend—and your worst enemy. Since you can snack and work as much as you’d like without coworkers seeing you, the tendency can be to overeat when you telecommute. So make sure that you fill your fridge with healthy snacks instead. And no matter what, don’t have a snack drawer in your home office, as that can encourage mindless munching.

You can easily incorporate healthy aspects into your telecommuting lifestyle. That way, you’ll not only have better work-life balance, but you’ll be a healthy role model for your family as well.

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