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3 Ways to Shake Up Your Work-from-Home Routine

Every now and then it's important to shake things up with your work routine. Try these tips to keep things fresh and keep your interest high.
Woman sipping coffee and working.

Spring is here (well, sort of) and you might be looking for new ways to invigorate your workflow. But you may still be caught in a wintery slump. Here are three ways to put some spring into your step—and shake up your work-from-home routine, too.

Move out from Your Home Office

Sure, your home office is just a few feet from your nice, warm, cozy bed and a stone’s throw away from the fridge. But that’s the exact reason why you should make the effort to not always work from home. As the weather gets warmer, venture outside your home (and home office) and find other places to work to get your juices flowing. You might opt to set up shop on your back deck, become caffeine fueled at your local coffee shop, or even find fellow telecommuters working in a shared office space. Changing your physical location every now and then can help bring new life into a boring workday.

Switch up Your Schedule

Your routine runs like clockwork. You sit at your desk, turn on your computer, scroll through emails (without answering them), and then log onto Facebook for well over an hour. Is it no wonder that your productivity has slumped? When you get a little too comfortable in your job, it’s easy to start slacking. So switch up your work from home routine by handling your workload differently. Make a to-do list and tackle those tasks first, even before opening up your email. By accomplishing certain items, you’ll feel reinvigorated and boost your productivity levels.

Change Your Style

Yes, working in yoga pants and a T-shirt definitely beats squeezing yourself into a stuffy business suit. Thing is, when you dress sloppy while you work from home, it can negatively affect the work you create, too. Make it a point, then, to get showered and dressed before sitting down at your desk to start your day. But don’t stop there. Take 15 minutes before you end your workday to clear your mind—and your office space. Make sure that you toss any unnecessary papers and file the rest. Taking care of both yourself and your office space can help you to shake off the winter blues and welcome spring—and a new you.

It’s easy to fall into routines that may not be the most beneficial to you or your job. So take the time to step out of your comfort zone and reap the benefits of trying something new!

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