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3 Ways to Make the Most of Bed Rest during Your Pregnancy


Bed rest in pregnancy is not as difficult as it may seem; a good majority of expectant moms who are advised to go on bed rest usually see it in the negative light. They almost always assume that all they can do are boring home activities. If you're one of those pregnant women advised to go on bed rest, keep in mind that it is for your own good and the baby's as well. Bed rest is usually prescribed for women with medical conditions that may put her or the baby at risk, such as gestational diabetes, premature labor, multiple pregnancy or pre-eclampsia.

There are different kinds of bed rest; it is best to ask your health care provider what your limitations are. One pregnant woman may be allowed to get out of the bed for a couple of times the entire day. One may only be allowed to get up to go to the wash room, while others are required to stay in bed without bathroom privileges. Ask your doctor about the things that you can or cannot do while in bed. Below are fun, productive and creative ways of how to make the most of your bed rest during your pregnancy.

1. Make a List

Before planning on what exactly you should do while on bed rest, make a list of questions that you want to ask your health care provider regarding your situation. It is best to design your plan of activities while on bed rest based on your doctor's answers. Examples of these questions include:

  • How long will I be on bed rest?
  • Should I be able to do light chores?
  • Do I have bathroom privileges?
  • Should I avoid pelvic stimulation? Can I engage in sexual activities?
  • Can I sit up to watch TV, read a book or eat my meals?

2.  Move

After inquiring on what or what you cannot do, do some light exercises even while you're on bed--that is, if it is allowed. Change or shift positions as often as you can to promote circulation, and ask your doctor about light exercises that you can do while in bed. Lay on your left side as much as possible as this helps increase blood flow to the developing fetus. Excessive napping should be avoided and you might want to get some sunlight during the daytime. Since constipation is a leading problem of patients on bed rest, consume a high-fiber diet and drink plenty of fluids.

3.  Be Productive

There are certainly a lot of ways on how to be productive while on bed rest. You can shop for baby clothes and supplies online. It is also the best time to catch up with friends and relatives that you haven't been in touch to recently; you can chat with them online, too. There are several websites as well that host support groups for expectant moms on bed rest.

It might be about time for you to read that book you've wanted to finish, catch up on your favorite television shows, write poetry or brush up on your sketching skills. Ask your partner and other family members to keep you company as it can be a good time to bond.

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