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3 Ways to Improve the Quality of Working Life at Home


The quality of working life when you work from home may be better than working outside the home, but it can generally be made better by creating a few ground rules. A better worklife balance can be established by instituting these basic actions:

1. Create a Home Office

When work spills all over the house, it can be stressful for every family member. To the parent working from home, it means a continual search for papers, folders, products and other items related to work. To children, these present tempting items to play with. To a spouse, it can mean a frustrating mess to clean up.

By keeping all working items in one place and one place only, all of these problems can be avoided. If one room can be converted into a home office, that can make working easier and less complicated, as well as create fewer cleaning chores around the house. Even if an entire room isn't available to use as a home office, it is still possible to use a corner of a room, a desk or even part of a dining table as a home office space.

2. Set Aside Specific Working Hours

One of the problems that many people encounter when they work from home is that their working hours and leisure hours often get enmeshed. Without hours dedicated only to work, there are far fewer hours that can be dedicated only to family time. If you are trying to work and take care of children at the same time, you will likely find that the work takes longer, and both the work and the childcare with suffer.

By setting aside specific hours to work form home, you can ensure that you get your work done and improve the quality of working life. This means less worry and stress about work, and more uninterrupted time that can be spent with family members. 

3. Get Help When Needed

Some work at home jobs are time consuming and may be difficult to perform with kids running around underfoot. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it. A significant other can keep the kids occupied during working hours or might help with a few work tasks in order to get them done faster. And, don't discount hiring someone to help out around the house part time. 

With a neighborhood, parent or teenager around to help do the dishes or help entertain the kids for a few hours, the worklife balance that was out of whack can be put back into a more balanced arrangement. You may even find that by getting more uninterrupted time to work, you are able to more than make up for the cost of a part-time helper at home.

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