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3 Unconventional Ways to Find Freelance Work


Make the effort to find freelance work in unconventional ways, and you'll avoid excessive service fees charged by online bidding sites. It's like marketing a business, where your job is to network and spread the word about your products and services. The Internet is an excellent tool that you can use to find freelance work, but if you stay on the computer all day, you'll miss many other opportunities.

1. Network While Working Out

Staying healthy is vital when working from home, and working out alongside others is an excellent opportunity to find freelance work. Networking at the gym, or in your neighborhood while walking or running, can lead to unexpected employment. For example, you can build relationships with other business owners while exercising, who may turn around and hire you as a freelancer when they need to outsource work.

It's important that the relationship builds organically though, as you don't want to show up to every workout marketing yourself. At the same time, you want to remind people of what you do and let them know that you're able and available to take on work. Each time they see you, it's another reminder that you're a freelancer in your area of expertise that they can hire, and you'll be at the top of their minds when they start the hiring process. You can also ask people what needs they have, and find ways to pitch them your services.

2. Grocery Store

Don't ignore the fliers posted at grocery stores. There are many opportunities to find freelance work if you're open minded. Some businesses may post jobs for freelance work on a community bulletin in the store. Check and apply for those jobs that match your experience and expertise. Be sure to pick up any free publications that have job ads while you're there. They may have freelance jobs listed in the "Help Wanted" classifieds.

3. Coffee Shops

The local coffee shops are great places to network locally and find freelance work. You'll run into individuals and business owners that can give you freelance work. The tricky part is striking up conversations with strangers. The best way to do that is to go when there's an event. Attend lectures, book signings and other events that will attract business owners. Show up with business cards and engage people in conversation. Ask questions or make intriguing comments when appropriate during a lecture. Begin your comment by introducing yourself, and state that you're a freelancer in your area of work. Prior to or after an event, check the bulletin boards in the coffee shop to see if there are any freelance work leads.

Make a concerted effort to travel outside of your home to find freelance work once or twice a month. Establishing local connections is important.

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