3 Types of Telecommuting Jobs


Telecommuting jobs are an alternative to starting your own business when working at home. Some moms use a telecommuting job to fund a home based business, and other moms prefer not to run a business at all. The options for telecommuting jobs are many, and they're growing as more companies are outsourcing work. You can find work in any industry, or there may be opportunities for you to work as as telecommuter if you're currently working for an employer outside of the home.

1. Customer Service Jobs

Some employers offer customer service jobs to telecommuters. These types of telecommuting jobs require you to have a second phone line that's dedicated to answering calls, and in some cases Internet access to handle emails. Most companies insist that you have broadband or high speed Internet access.

You would be responsible for answering calls and handling customer inquiries during normal business hours or after business hours. The employer will need you to guarantee that you would be available to work during a set number of hours on certain days to take calls. You must also guarantee a quiet work environment, because customers should think that they are calling the employer's offices or place of business. Examples of the types of customer service jobs available include:

  • Reservation specialist
  • Sales associate
  • Call center associate
  • In-bound customer service agent

You're paid an hourly rate in the range of $10 to $20 per hour, and you may have an opportunity to receive a bonus. It's not a good idea to accept a customer service job that's based solely on commission.

2. Graphic Artist

Web and print publications are often in need of good graphic artists and designers. Large companies and small business owners also need graphic artists for their marketing materials, catalogs and other documents that they share with customers and the public. If you've got talent in that area, then there are many telecommuting jobs to apply for. The company will send you projects to complete with deadlines, which is easier then working as a freelance graphic artist. As a freelancer, you would have to bid on or apply for many different jobs to make a living. Some telecommuting jobs pay $12 to $25 per hour, and other jobs for graphic artists pay based on an annual salary, as high as $55,000.

3. Journalist

You don't have to work in an office as a journalist. Telecommuting jobs in journalism are more flexible, and you may never have to leave your home to work in this area. For example, some journalism jobs may require that you interview people by phone, or cover stories that you can research online. You can also put your journalism degree to work by writing columns, commentary or briefs. There are also blogging jobs for journalists. Payment per story or an annual salary are both options when working as a telecommuter in journalism. Check www.journalismjobs.com for leads on legitimate telecommuting jobs for journalists.

Many other types of telecommuting jobs are available. The possibilities are numerous, but you should choose options where you already have the skills necessary to do the job.

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