3 Tips to Win a Freelance Bid


Winning a freelance bid is an important part of taking on a freelance career. Thousands of projects each day are parceled out through freelance bidding sites and from employers who ask applicants to place a bid on a project. To win these freelance projects, it's important to know what it is that most clients are looking for.

1. Stress Your Work Skills

Clients generally want to hire a freelancer who has the necessary skills to take on a job and get it done without a lot of training or guidance. They may have very specific requirements, but as a freelancer, you're responsible for understanding those requirements and taking care of them. If you don't have the skills to handle the project, you likely won't be hired. But, if you don't tout your skills, potential employers have no way of knowing if you have them.

Be sure to describe your relevant skills in detail in order to convey just how well you can master the freelance project. This includes any relevant education that you have, useful software that you have experience with and any experience that taught you what you need to know to complete the job.

2. Price Your Bid Competitively

Being the lowest bid doesn't always mean that you will win a freelance bid. In fact, it may mean that you lose because your work will be assumed to be of low quality. However, pricing your freelance bid far above the other bids will automatically disqualify you from winning bids with many clients. Instead, remember the average bids for a project of this scope and price your bid in relevance to what your talent and experience are worth.

Most projects will not be open for you to inspect other freelance bid amounts, but there are other ways to find out how much people pay for the projects. By networking with other people in the same industry, you can find out what others are charging for the same services that you provide. Online forums and discussion groups that center on your profession can help you to network with a large number of freelancers, giving you a good idea of the range of prices out there. 

3. Give References

One of the hardest things for freelance clients to deal with is freelancers who don't follow through on their projects, wasting the time of the client. Sometimes this means a freelancer who doesn't delivering anything use-able, and sometimes it means disappearing altogether and making the client shop around for a new freelancer. 

To let freelance clients know that you aren't one of those freelancers, show them what you've done in the past for other clients. If you have testimonials from past customers, those are a good way to show that you have done other projects and completed them as requested. Another way of showing the same thing is by directing potential clients to an online portfolio or to other samples of your work. For web designers, links to a few sites that you have designed, as well as a few details about each project can be helpful.

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