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3 Recommended Parenting Styles for WAHMs


Creative parenting styles are being widely practiced by many work-at-home moms (WAHMs). Working at home is a dream come true for mothers who want to help their family financially, and at the same time spend ample time with the kids; however, having little ones hanging around while you do your job requires a strategic balance between motherhood and professionalism, so that nothing will be sacrificed.

Working from home entails a lot of challenges, but the total fulfillment it brings is immeasurable. Here are 3 proven parenting styles to successfully manage your family and career life.

1. Moms Who Organize

As a working mom, you need to ensure that your child also does something productive and enjoyable while you're busy at your desk. In this way, she will not be bothering you much as your child gets pre-occupied with something interesting. You have to assess your child's needs and interests so that you will be able to choose the appropriate activities that will catch her attention while you're at work too. If you have a toddler, have some playful kiddie CDs such as Barney or nursery rhymes; have all of her favorite toys ready for play anytime. If your child is already in pre-school or grade school, be ready with a lot of educational CDs, crayons and other activity toys or books at home.

Creating this kind of harmony with your child as a work-at-home mom is essential in ensuring that you can accomplish your job while your kids are having fun without your active participation.

2. Moms Who Multi-Task

Taking care of the kids while you're busy on the computer or phone can be quite a struggle at first, but once you establish the right schedule, you will soon get around well enough. Always take the time to have some breaks so that you can check on your kids regularly; feed and get them something to drink, play with them for a while, or even change their diapers. When you master the art of working on your laptop with your child sitting on your lap, then you can easily combine productivity with playtime. These breaks will make the kids feel your presence as you spend real quality time with them even with your busy schedule.

3. Moms Who Delegate

Just because you're working from home does not mean you don't need extra support anymore. You have to be realistic because having your child and your work under the same roof definitely means that you're going to be twice as busy. Most work-at-home moms expect to achieve a perfect balance between motherhood and productivity; although it is achievable, there will still be a lot of days when the status quo is disrupted. You need to level-off your expectations, and remember that you only have 24 hours in a day.

For you to maintain your sanity around your home office, be sure to make arrangements with your husband so that he can also help take care of the kids. If your partner works longer hours or travels a lot, then you may need to seek support from your family and friends. If there is no other option, consider hiring a baby-sitter for added support.

Parenting styles vary for every family and type of kids. Whichever technique works best, don't forget that parenting is a learning process as well. As you go along, you will still discover a myriad of ways to be the best parent that you can be.

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