3 Popular Website Design Layouts


In this article, we will talk about 3 popular website design layouts. Today, it is easy for anyone who desires to have a presence on the web to purchase a unique domain name, or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and a hosting plan from any of hundreds of hosting providers for a nominal fee.

Building a site, however, can prove a bit more difficult in that one must choose what type of site and layout will best fit their needs now and in future. In the world of web design, there are 3 basic layouts that are commonly used as basis for a web site: single page, two column and three column. These layouts can be modified and tweaked to suit the needs of the individual web site owner, and can be used in single page and multiple page web sites.

1. Single Page

A single page web site is the simplest layout, typically consisting of a header graphic with the information and links in the text below. Single page web sites are used when all the information can be effectively put on one page and usually will be only one page of a multi-page web site (typically as a sign up or ad page). This layout is also useful for wedding or birth announcements or to advertise an event such as a family reunion. Single page layouts are also popular with Internet marketers as links to their main selling page.

2. Two Column

A two column layout is the basic layout used in a multiple page web site, as it provides a second column that can be used for navigation to sub pages or to hold links relating to the web site. Sometimes, the second column is used for company or personal information about the author or business owner. A two column layout gives you the flexibility to put related information on the web page and can be placed on either side of the main container.

3. Three Column

A three column layout has become more popular recently as information and news sites have gained popularity. This layout works well as a regular web site, but is widely used for news and commentary type sites, as its form gives the feeling of a magazine or newspaper. A common layout for a three column site is to have one large middle area flanked by the two smaller column containing links to related articles, search boxes or other information.

In the end, simply decide what you need from a web site and pick a layout that will work for you and your target audience. The beauty is that if you are not satisfied with your current site, a few lines of code can dramatically change the look and functionality to suit your current requirements.

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