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3 Part-Time Employment Opportunities with Flexible Hours


There are several options for part-time employment opportunities if you need to cut back on work hours, or if you're looking to earn extra income. The flexible hours make it to appealing to moms who aren't able to work during set hours, and the pay for working at home can pay some of the bills. Here are 3 ways you can work part-time for pay:

1. Write

One of the best ways to earn a living part-time is to write from home. You can apply for freelance jobs for writers that are posted all over the Internet, and on websites dedicated to finding jobs for writers. These include and

The opportunities to write range from writing for individuals to writing for businesses, and there's also a demand for technical writing. Some employers will offer to pay a flat fee for each job, such as a per page rate. Others will offer to pay an hourly rate, ranging from $8 per hour to $45 per hour, or even more depending on the project, your experience and their budget.

As you build up your resume as a freelance writer, it will become easier to land freelance jobs, and you will get to the point where you'll have to decide whether to write full-time. Even if you work part-time only, you can still take advantage of the flexible hours to pursue other projects, or continue to meet the needs of your family.

2. Consult

Employers also hire freelance consultants to help solve problems for their businesses. You can use your professional experience in an industry to offer expert advice to someone else in need. Part-time employment opportunities for consulting can be found on job boards, such as or The great thing about consulting is that the hours are flexible. You can conduct research, think through problems or write whenever you can.

You can communicate with employers through emails, and schedule phone calls around your schedule, making it one of the more flexible part-time employment opportunities. Employers offer to pay consultants anywhere from $20 to $150 for their advice, depending on the technicality or professional expertise involved. With this kind of pay, you could make more than $1,000 monthly, working part-time.

3. Keep Books

Working as a bookkeeper from home allows you flexible hours for the most part. You can set your own hours, and work when you have time. That goes out the window towards the end of the month or sometimes during tax season. You may need to contact employers during business hours during these peak times because of the nature of the work. This means that you may have to be available to work during those times as well, because that's when employers need your help the most. Aside from those "rush" hours, bookkeeping is still one of the best part-time employment opportunities if you have a financial background or have experience with record keeping.

Choosing the right freelance jobs can be harder than finding the work itself. There are several part-time employment opportunities for writers, consultants and bookkeepers. The key is to figure out the right cover letters and resumes to stand out from the competition.


Daphne Mallory, Esq. is the co-owner of Mallory Writing Services and has written more than 100 articles helping home based business owners and entrepreneurs start and market their business. You can learn more about her here.

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