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3 Online Apps that Help You Develop Offline Skills, Hobbies, Or Your Dream Career

For Work-at-Home Moms, outside classes or groups can be difficult. These apps prove you can make your skills, hobbies, and dreams a reality.

For some, the advent of technology and the digital age has proved detrimental to the development of social and practical skills.

This is a contentious and arguably overly-simplistic view, however, and one that ignores the capacity of online apps and resources to help teach, coach and improve practical offline skills.

For Work-at-Home Moms, a lot of time is spent in front of the computer, so these apps can teach you a dream hobby and others help you learn for fun.

In this post, we’ll look at a few examples of online apps and resources that can help you to learn in-person skills and explore why they’re such effective tools.

Flight Simulators

Many people dream to learn to fly, but it’s is far more expensive and difficult than learning how to drive a car.

Flight instruction also involves you spending hours of time in an advanced flight simulator, as you grow accustomed to the relevant controls and learn how to handle an aircraft in a safe, controlled and realistic setting.

Flight simulator technology has evolved during the digital age, creating a scenario where skills can be harnessed via the use of an app at home or on your phone. In fact, you can now access three-dimensional simulator tools on both iOS and Android, whilst benefiting from convenient learning and an incredibly immersive experience.

The graphics are great too, and there’s no doubt that this type of app represents the ideal starting point for anyone who wants to learn the art of flying in the future.

Virtual Casinos

Of course, at WAHM, we have covered a number of ways to make money, but casinos have a glitzy allure that cannot be denied. According to PBS, gambling is a $40 billion industry in the US.

While there’s no doubt that immersive, 3D casino platforms will ultimately grow to dominate this market, many people still prefer to frequent brick-and-mortar casinos.

Online apps offer an outstanding opportunity to hone your betting strategies and master the art of games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat, and the same principle applies vice versa when you’re playing online.

Another benefit of honing your skills online is that you can read a plethora of tips related to classic casino titles and follow the best online casino strategies that have been tested by sites like Bet and Skill.

Architectural Design

Another popular dream career is that of an architect. Online apps have also been used in the world of architecture for years now, with developers and property managers using these tools to present intricate designs in a 3D format.

In more recent times, however, we’ve also seen the emergence of app-based architect and design software, which helps those who aspire to work in the industry to learn their trade and start their journey on an assured footing.

Further, you might not know about entry-level software like Google Sketchup (which lets you experiment with basic architectural principles). There is also a plethora of advanced software that teaches core industry skills and plenty of online resources that enable you to take the first steps in your future career.

These are just three examples of how online apps can help you develop new skills, hobbies, or even your dream career.

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