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3 Modifications to Enhance Your Home Office and Increase Productivity

Make the most of your work hours by getting more accomplished in less time. Just three simple home office enhancements can get you there.
A woman paints a wall with yellow paint.

How many times have you brainstormed ways to increase your work-at-home productivity? You’ve probably tried to wake up earlier or stay up later to get more done. Maybe you’ve listened to faster paced music to keep your adrenaline up or drank more caffeine during the day to help you stay alert. While these techniques may work, even for just a brief time, there is an easier way to increase your daily productivity, and it comes down to three home office modifications.

Standing Desk

If you follow office trends, you’ll know the standing desk is gaining in popularity, and there are good reasons why. One of the main benefits is that it keeps your body and mind active, which is the exact opposite effect of sitting at a desk. Standing up at your desk signals your mind that it’s time to stay focused and alert. If standing and working long hours won’t work for you, convertible desks that can be moved from standing to sitting are also an option.

New Paint

Give your home office a new look and feel by giving the walls a paint makeover. There are countless articles and studies on the science of color and the effect it has on the mind. The first step to finding the right color for your office walls depends on your industry and your daily work goals. If you need to be tranquil and calm while working, choose blue or green. These colors can increase productivity if you have high-stress responsibilities. However, if your job is creative in nature, like a writer or designer, consider painting your accent wall yellow or orange. These colors can make you feel energetic and cheerful, giving you a clear mind to bring out your full creativity. These are not the only colors to choose from. Just make sure you do the research before choosing a color.

Change Your Lighting

Just as the right paint color can increase productivity, so can the light in your home office. Let the natural light fill the room. This can increase your energy levels and reduce eye strain from staring at your computer, meaning you can work harder, longer, and more efficiently. But if natural light is not an option, use an adjustable desk or task lamp to keep you focused. Adjust the lamp so it shines directly on what you’re working on and it will help you block everything else out and focus entirely on what’s in front of you.

Implementing just one home office enhancement can increase productivity on a daily basis. You can then reclaim the personal time you’ve devoted to your work in the past. The above modifications can give you greater control over your work life and let you get back to why you became a work-at-home mom in the first place.

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