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3 High School Graduation Party Ideas


When a student graduates from high school, it's important to celebrate graduation with one of many different high school graduation party ideas. Having a party for the student in your life will show your support for his future and will serve as a good way to honor his hard work over the last few years while at school. The party can be customized to the student's interests as well, and because graduation typically happens at the beginning of the summer, the weather is often ideal for an outdoor party. Read on for a few ideas regarding high school graduation parties.

1. Outdoor BBQ

A barbecue party can be a great way to enjoy nice weather around the time of graduation while eating delicious food. These parties are relatively easy to set up and require little by way of decoration. You'll need to provide plenty of food and drinks for the guests. Keep in mind that some people who attend the party may be vegetarian or may not like to eat barbecue items, so it's a good idea to provide a sampling of other types of food as well.

2. Pool Party

If you have access to a swimming pool, a pool party is a great way to celebrate a graduation. Many people choose to rent out a local or community pool for a few hours to provide the graduate and his and family a chance to swim and have a good time. It's also good to provide a bit of food and some drinks for people at the party, as well as sunscreen and a shaded area for those who don't wish to spend all of their time in the sun.

3. Group Meal

If you'd rather have a graduation party indoors and away from your home, another good option is a group meal at a local restaurant. Pick a location where you can reserve a large enough space for all of the people that you plan to invite to the party. You can consider adding decorations like streamers or graduation themed centerpieces to the table. It's also appropriate to have a cake or other central fixture of the party to give you an opportunity to congratulate the graduate in front of his friends and family.

Regardless of where you plan the graduation party, keep in mind that it's important to set the date early on. Because there are often a number of different activities that take place around the time of high school graduation, you'll find that you'll have the most guests able to attend the party if you reserve a date early on, and make sure that people know about it well in advance. You can inform the guests of the date, even if the party is going to be a surprise for the graduate.

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