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3 Fire Safety Tips for Kids


Below is a list of fire safety tips for kids as it is necessary and important to educate children just in case the inevitable happens. Read on.

1. Keep Children Away from Fire Starters

A little spark from candles, lighters or matches can become uncontrollable. Store them in a locked drawer or cabinet. Keep children away from a lit candle and don't ever allow them play with them. Do not leave your children in a room with a lit candle. Do not allow you kids to experiment with objects to see if they burn as usually they do and may start a fire.

Firecrackers, portable heaters, BBQ starters and radiators are all heat sources, so it's best to keep them all away from children at all times. For space heaters, be the one to turn it on and off, not your children.

In the kitchen, do not let your kids stand too close while somebody is cooking. Supervise kids when you give them a chance to learn to cook. Do not let anyone cook wearing loose clothing and keep flammable objects, like potholders and towels, away from cooking areas.

Do not let your children play with electrical cords and sockets. Secure electrical cords and sockets to make them child safe. Oversee your children in plugging or unplugging a cord; or better yet, do it yourself. Do not allow them stick anything in to any electric socket. 

Do not put blankets or clothing over a lamp as they too can start a fire.

2. Precautionary Measures inside the house

Install smoke detectors at every floor of your house especially inside and outside the bedrooms. Test smoke detectors monthly and change batteries twice a year. Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years. Explain to the kids the use of these smoke detectors and the importance of not playing with them.

Fire extinguisher should be positioned visibly in the kitchen. Like the smoke detector, inform your children about the use of this device and why it is necessary for fire control.

3. Precautionary Measures outside the house

Fire can start anywhere, so check your surroundings from objects that may start a fire. See to it that electrical lines are clear from tree branches. Trim these branches to prevent them from colliding with the power lines.

Place a spark arrestor on your chimney so that burning embers from it will not land on your roof. Ensure that there is at least 10 foot clearance from your chimney of anything such as tops of trees, electrical posts, pine cones and the like. You can ask your children to help in keeping the area clean like picking up pine cones or dried leaves.

In your garage, secure containers like paints, gasoline and flammable solvents. Oily rags should be kept in cans with lid. Keep them all out of your children's reach. A fire extinguisher should also be placed in the garage. 

It is best to teach and explain to your children why such things are arranged the way they are in your house and why rules are applied. Letting them be informed of the fire safety tips will make them cautious of what they are doing so as to prevent fire.

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