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3 Easy Meditation Techniques for the WAHM


Meditation techniques can help you to maintain a lifestyle that is less stressful and more productive. If you are a work at home mother, you'll find that it can oftentimes be difficult to separate the work that you do from the space in which you live and relax. Many people find that it's therefore difficult to destress at all. Fortunately, meditation techniques can help with this procedure.

In order to set up your own meditation practice at home, you'll need to do a bit of preliminary research on proper meditation techniques for you. Fortunately, many of these techniques are quite easy to do and can be performed by people who do not have any prior experience in meditation. Read on for a few of these techniques.

1. Deep Breathing

One of the most important tenets of many meditation practices is deep breathing. Whatever the position that you are resting in is, you can breathe deeply to help your body to naturally relax. Deep breathing can encourage your heart rate to slow, your blood pressure to drop and will stimulate feelings of relaxation. When you breathe deeply, think of filling your lungs full of air as you breathe in. As you breathe out, let the air out in a measured, even flow so that it doesn't come out all at once. This will help to augment and enhance many other meditation techniques.

2. Visualization

Many at-home meditators recommend the process of visualization in order to help calm themselves down. If you choose to visualize a particular place, idea or item, you can help to remove yourself from the stressful situation that you're in. This is a good way of creating a separate space from the one in which you work without having to leave the physical space as well. Practice visualizing different places and concepts until you find those that are the most successful for you.

3. Mantras

Another excellent meditation technique involves sounds that you create. Whether you choose to use an existing mantra, which is a spoken or sung word or phrase which is designed to be repeated, or if you simply make use of the natural vibrations of your voice and your body, this can help to relax you and to focus your energy on the meditation that's at hand. Experiment with different types of sounds to make, and be aware that there are generally several different ways to make the sounds.

First, you can think the sounds themselves and make no audible sign at the same time. Second, you can speak the sounds softly to yourself. And third, you can recite the sounds at a louder volume so that you can feel the vibrations extending throughout your body. The exact choice that you make will depend upon your preference and your situation as well.

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