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3 DIY Decorations for a Graduation Party

Oftentimes it's a good idea to consider making graduation party decorations yourself.

If someone in your family is about to graduate from high school, college or another learning institution, you may find yourself wondering about how to get the perfect decorations for graduation party plans you have. It can be difficult to find the perfect items to use to decorate your home or the place where the party is located, so it's oftentimes a good idea to consider making graduation party decorations yourself. Read on for a few ideas of graduation party decorations that you can make at home to save money.

1. Colored Ribbons

Most schools have traditional school colors. In many cases, there are two different colors that are used together. Consider ways to incorporate these colors into your graduate party decorations. One of the most popular ways to do so is to stream colored ribbons around the walls of the room. Use tape to hold them in place close to the ceiling, and allow bits of ribbon to hang down a bit in between the taped areas to provide a flowing, festive look. Colored lights can work in the same way if you're able to find lights that are the appropriate colors for the school in question.

2. Photo Table

Another great way to celebrate your family member's graduation is to take an opportunity to remember her experiences at that institution. Look back through old photos that you have of the school and pick out ones that will work the best. Place these in a scrapbook or in frames and leave them out on a dedicated photo table. This will provide not only a bit more excitement to the decorations of the room, but also a space where people can come to look at the photos and reminisce or appreciate how important the institution was to the person who is graduating.

3. Graduation Snacks

Another important thing to remember when you plan your graduation party is the snacks. Rather than make standard party snacks, think of ways that you can modify existing foods to make them more appropriate for a graduation party. For example, turn a cupcake into a graduation cap by using black frosting and construction paper or cardboard for the top portion of the hat. You can also make cookies and other items in the colors of the school. Finally, set out a vegetable platter with dip so that the vegetables spell the name of the school or the mascot of the school for a more appropriate graduation party snack tray.

When planning the decorations for your graduation party, consider also the interests of the recipient of the party, as well as the things about the institution that were most important to her. These can help to influence the items that you purchase or make for the party decorations.

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