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3 Business Ideas for the WAHM Who Hates Computers


There are plenty of business ideas for the WAHM who hates computers. In fact, you're not alone. For some of us, the lack of computer skills is intimidating, and for others, sitting in front of a screen day after day is just not that appealing. For all it's social networking capacity, the computer can create a feeling of isolation. If you are more the face-to-face type, there are plenty of business opportunities that do not involve a computer.

1. Floral Design

If you love flowers, you may want to start your own floral design business. This is a wonderful opportunity to fill your life with color and make a living at the same time. Most community colleges offer floral design classes, and this is a good way to learn the tricks of the trade. Knowing the different flowers, their season availability and their shelf life will help you make wise choices when purchasing supplies for your business.

Stay current on floral trends; there are tons of trade publications, magazines and books that will make you look like a pro in no time. Check out your local flower district, and get ready to wake-up early (most of these places open at the crack of dawn). Here you'll be able to get a feel for the industry and fill your senses with color, texture and scents.

Hook up with your local party store, cake shop and fine chocolate boutique to suggest a referral sharing opportunity.  

2. From Trash To Money

If you have a knack for turning another man's trash to treasure, you may consider starting your own business doing just that. If you like weekends at the flee market, rummaging through garage sales, hauling your in-laws beat up coffee table to your garage for a make over, then this might be the business for you.

People throw away or sell (for pennies on the dollar) things that can make you a ton of money with a little ingenuity. Some sandpaper, a coat of paint or even some stencil work can turn a beat-up dresser into a work of art. This is a way to showcase your creativity and to recycle an item that otherwise would end up at the city dump.

Once you have a few items ready to sell, you can go to flea markets, or have your own garage sale (make sure you have the necessary permits your city requires). And if your stuff is all the rage, offer your products to high-end boutiques on consignment.

3. Childcare Service

How about offering childcare services for the evening? What parent wouldn't love a night out, while the kids are in good hands?

Make it special for the kids as they will be your best source of advertising. Depending on the age group and the weather, you can plan all sorts of activities. Have a theme schedule so the parents can sign-up the kids according to their interest: a pool party night, popcorn and a movie, monopoly night or even a camp out in the backyard. The possibilities are endless, and the kids will be begging their parents to go out.

Take a moment and determine what you like to do; making a living doing what you love is doubly rewarding. Always make sure you check for the appropriate licenses and zoning regulations for you area.

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