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3 Business Card Ideas for Your Home Business


If you already jumpstarted your home business and operations are well underway, then you should have a number of good business card ideas by now. A business card is more than a listing for your contact information. It actually becomes your brand ambassador. Your business card has to capture attention and has to encapsulate what your business is all about.

Elements of a Good Business Card

First and foremost, your business card should have personality. Even a plain white business card with a slightly embossed lettering carries a message. It carries a message of formality and seriousness. Depending on what your home business is, it should be reflected in your business card. Are you delving into graphic design? Then be sure that the card you give away reflects your creative nature.

Secondly, your business card should indicate what your business is all about. You can do this visually or in words. For instance, if you are a hairdresser, then your card might be in the shape of a comb. If you're an accountant, then your card might look like an excel sheet. If your business doesn't have much visual cues, then you can simply state it on the card. You can also be creative about it by putting a catchy copy or by creating a tagline. Some good business card ideas include:

1. Don't Use a Card

One way your business card can stand out is by not using a card. Some really creative business cards make use of fiber, cardboard, wood, sticks and more. For instance, if you have a wellness business, you might want to print your contact information on little pebbles or preserved leaves. If you're a musician, you might consider using CDs as business cards.

2. Veer off the Rectangle

If you find that cards are more convenient, easier to store, and less likely to get lost, then you should consider creating your card in another shape. You can go completely radical and have your card shaped like the silhouette of your business icon. You can also go simple on the design. If you have a baking business, then your card could have bite marks on it. You can also try and design a card that people can fold up like an origami. For instance, your card could have a pop up of a tree if your business is about tending gardens.

3. Interactive Cards

You can stick to the normal rectangular cards, but you can also add an element of interactivity to it. This might be a little more expensive and complicated to pull off, but your business will surely be memorable. If you're selling scents, you could place a scratch and sniff area in your card. If you're about house cleaning, then the card could have a surface that can be scratched off to reveal a message. It can also be as simple as having a word puzzle on your card, which could be a good idea for writers.  

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