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3 Breast Milk Storage Container Options


One of the best things mothers can do for their babies is to supply them with breast milk; it is not, however, always possible for moms to breast feed their infants. That is why some mothers use the hand express method or breast pumps to retrieve milk. It can then be stored in the freezer or refrigerator. When the baby is hungry, the mother simply warms the stored breast milk to feed the infant. Every mother should make it a goal to provide their infants with their own milk because of the incredible benefits (including immunity benefits).

Storage Container Options

When storing your breast milk, you will have a few safety considerations so as not to compromise the health of your little child. The most important thing to consider is the milk storage container to use. There are many options mothers could use, and the following are some of the best options.

  1. Mothers can use a baby bottle which has been sterilized. The bottle should also have a cover in order to prevent air from entering. The milk will get spoiled easily if air enters the bottle.
  2. A pre-sterilized nursing bag can also be used to store breast milk. There are actually companies that manufacture pre-sterilized nursing bags for breast milk.
  3. Another great option for breast milk storage is a sterilized cup with a tight cover. Always keep in mind that the container used is covered in order to keep the air out of it.

Storage Temperature

Those are some of the choices for breast milk storage container. But another thing to consider is the place where you can store the containers. The popular option is keeping the breast milk in a refrigerator for up to three days. Keeping the breast milk cold at all times will help prevent the milk from spoiling early. But what if you don't have refrigerator? You can still store the breast milk at room temperature for a maximum of seven hours. But the milk can last a bit longer at certain room temperatures. For instance, the milk can stay fresh up to 24 hours at a room temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another option is to put it inside a cooler with some ice. You can do this when you are traveling with your baby, or when you want to take it to work. This will help keep the breast milk fresh for a long time.

Other Considerations

But when storing breast milk, you must also observe cleanliness. First of all, make sure that you washed your hands with soap and water before using the breast pump. It also helps a lot if you put the date and time on the milk containers so you would know how long the milk has been stored.

Also, do not add fresh breast milk with the previously pumped ones. Fresh milk should always be kept in a sterile container. It is advisable to store only small amounts of milk in the container. Avoid filling it with large quantity of breast milk. You must also regularly sterilize the breast pump and anything which come in contact with your milk. The process may be frustrating and repetitive, but a healthy, thriving baby is a great reward.

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