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3 Authentic Ways to Earn Residual Income


If you want to earn money online, you can earn residual income in many different ways. It's possible to earn extra cash by setting up multiple streams of income so you're always bringing in money from at least one source and usually more. Together, multiple residual income generators can provide you with extra spending money for whatever use you want to put it to. These are some proven authentic ideas to earn residual income and get the money flowing.

Idea 1: Write Articles

If you have some talent for writing, you can write articles and post them on sites like eHow and Bukisa. Both of these websites publish user-submitted articles and then pay the author a portion of the profits which result from people clicking ads on the page. Articles generate slow income, however, sometimes you can expect to get, on average, less than a penny per pageview. Also, articles tend to lose their "freshness" after about 4 years, and after that time may stop generating income.

What you have to decide is whether or not it's worthwhile to accept payment for your articles over a period of approximately 4 years. If you can get 4,000 pageviews in that time, you might make around $40 - but depending on your writing talent, many websites (which need web content) pay around $20 per 500 words upfront. If you can find a job writing for websites, you might want to take the guaranteed $20 (or however much you are offered) immediately rather than waiting several years for the potential of more.

Idea 2: Write eBooks

EBooks are much more difficult to write than articles, but may also be more lucrative. You can publish eBooks through Amazon, or just set up a ClickBank account to allow people to purchase the PDF. People will buy eBooks on all sorts of topics, so you can write on whatever topic you want. Works of fiction can sell for between $5 and $10 per copy, while informational manuals might bring in as much as $50.

Idea 3: Advertise

If you own a website, you can allow Google to run ads on it and give you a portion of the profit made whenever somebody clicks on one. To set up Google ads, go to Google AdSense and follow the instructions. You will be able to choose the keywords you want the ads to be based on and the type of layout you want; the two layouts which seem to work best are a 4x1 banner across the top or else a 2x3 block on the side of the page. If someone other than yourself currently runs your website, you will have to have your webmaster place the ads for you (if not, just copy and paste the code provided to you wherever you want the ads to go).

Things to Be Cautious Of

Be careful of websites which ask for your personal information before they allow you to start earning money. You should never have to provide more than the email address which your PayPal is linked to in order to receive pay. Before submitting anything to a website, it's a good idea to search for reviews of that website online. Testimonials from a source other than the website itself can be very useful in determining whether or not it's a scam.

These are only 3 ways it's possible to earn residual income online. As long as you keep in mind the things to be cautious of, you may be able to discover even more.

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