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12 Rainy Day Activities For High-Energy Kids

Stuck inside with a high-energy kid? Try these fun and active indoor activities!

Kids are pretty much tiny energy containers, and if they don't get to let some of that energy out, well, that's catastrophe waiting to happen. But getting outside every day isn't always a possibility—and a rainy spring day is a perfect example. Every kid should experience some puddle hopping every once in awhile, but rain paired with cold and the abundance of leftover winter viruses could spell even more disaster than a kid with energy to burn.

So, what's a work-at-home mom to do? Well, kids don't necessarily need to head outside to burn off energy. Here are 12 indoor energy burning ideas for active kids stuck inside.

Ball Hoppers
I sometimes sit at my desk with an exercise ball when I can't sit still any longer—so I figured, why not try the same technique with the kids? Try a ball hopper with a handle for older toddlers and young kids and a bouncy horse hopper for the littlest legs. Have more than one kid? Let them race. (Or, they do sell adult versions, just saying...)

Hot Lava
I'm not the only one who played this game as a kid, right? The concept is simple: The floor is hot lava—you can't step on it. That simple concept prompts lots of jumping around on couch cushions blankets and other objects strewn about the floor. It's simple, burns energy, and you don't have to buy anything.

Tiny trampoline
This one requires a bit more investment, but is good for the kid who always seems to have an excess of energy. Pick up a small exercise trampoline and, well, most kids will know what to do! Put on some high-energy music if they need extra encouragement.

Replace balls with balloons
If you don't let the kids play ball in the house because of the potential breaking of vases (or windows or TVs or...) then try replacing the ball in your kids favorite games with balloons. Baseball, volleyball, soccer—when you use balloons, it's less disastrous indoors. Or, simply try to see how long they can keep the balloon from touching the floor.

Obstacle course
Create that energy-burning experience of the playground by creating an indoor obstacle course. This idea is great for older kids and even some toddlers. Crawl under blankets, hop over objects, run in circles around another object—the possibilities are endless. If the course you created is too easy for them, try adding another challenge. For example, they have to complete it while hopping inside a pillowcase, or tied together with their sibling.

Hula hoop
Hula hoops are fun, burn energy and they're relatively safe to use indoors. Once they're done hooping with them, use them in your obstacle course.

You don't need a sidewalk or chalk to play hopscotch. Just tape out the hopscotch board on the floor with some masking tape.

Scavenger hunt
Scavenger hunts can be elaborately planned or simple last minute ideas: like find everything that's orange or anything that's round. As an added bonus, using a color or shape theme helps preschoolers learn too.

Pick up a soft indoor bowling set, or simply set up some pop cans. Don't have a ball? Let the kids become the balls and roll down the hallway to see how many they can knock over.

Pillowcase race
Turn the traditional sack race into a fun indoor game by using a pillowcase. Just use older pillowcases that you wouldn't worry about if they happened to rip, or, try using sleeping bags.

Play in the sink
This is one of my toddler's favorite activities—you don't really need a water table if they are big enough to safely stand on a chair at the sink. Throw in some cups and utensils or bathtub toys and they'll have fun in the water no matter what the weather is like.

Have a dance party
When all else fails, put in their favorite kids music and just start dancing. You can even join in for some exercise, especially when you need a break from working at a desk.

While heading outside may be the best option for burning energy, it isn't always feasible. There are plenty of ways that you can encourage your kids to burn off that excess energy indoors, from balloon games and trampolines to simply dancing or playing in the sink.

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