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100 Top Companies for Remote Jobs in 2014

Check out this top 100 list of great companies to work for remotely.
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After years of toiling away in an in-office job, you’re determined to find a work-from-home position that allows you to have the three words that mean the most to any working mom: work-life balance.

FlexJobs (an award-winning service designed to help people find legitimate telecommuting, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs) just revealed their list for the 100 Top Companies for Remote Jobs in 2014. Each and every one of these companies has offered flexible working options (such as part-time and full-time telecommuting jobs) for their employees. Here are just a few of the companies featured, along with some of the previous job listings offered by them as well.

UnitedHealth Group

As the network for businesses such as UnitedHealthcare, Ovations, AmeriChoice, Ingenix, OptumHealth, and Prescription Solutions, the company’s focus is to make the healthcare system stronger and make people’s health—and lives—better everywhere. That’s why it makes sense that the company advocates for telecommuting among its employees. Previous flexible jobs at UnitedHealth Group include Medical Policy Writer, Clinical Claim Review RN, Service Account Manager Associate, and Registered Nurse.


A leader in the computing world, Dell believes that access to affordable technology is essential for success. Similarly, the technology giant understands that their success is tied in with providing a workplace that fits all of their employees’ professional and personal needs, as well as the need for work-life balance. Flexible jobs that Dell has offered in the past include Paragon Support Advisor, Account Executive, Business Continuity Advisor, and Storage Engineer, among many others.


Chances are, at some point during your career, you’ve gotten paid via ADP. The company offers employer-related services such as payroll, talent management, and other tax and benefits administration solutions. It seems that job seekers know that it “pays” to work with ADP, too, and have applied for jobs such as Lead Payroll Specialist, Implementation Program Manager, and Corporate Sales Manager.

Making the transition to working from home can seem overwhelming. But by conducting research to see which companies have offered telecommuting positions in the past, it can help you focus your search and find a work-from-home position that will give you the work-life balance you need.

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