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10 Necessities for a Newborn


You've read every pregnancy book you can get your hands on, but more than prepping your body up for baby, it's important to make sure that you prepare all the necessities for a newborn. Caring for a baby entails a lot of work and planning. If you have the essentials on hand, then you can focus on showering your newborn with love and attention. Here are 10 items that you might want to prioritize in your baby checklist.

1. Diapers

Whether you're using disposable diapers or organic cloth nappies, this is one essential item that you would not want to be caught without. On average, a baby will change about 10 to 12 times a day, so always have several of these on hand.

2. Baby Wipes

Make sure that you have unscented wipes with no alcohol. This is very handy for quick clean-ups of diaper accidents and spit-ups.

3. Baby Bottles

This is of course a must-have if you're bottle feeding, but even breastfeeding moms consider these a lifesaver. If you're pumping breastmilk, these bottles will allow daddy to take part in the feeding.

4. Onesies and Receiving Blankets

Onesies are vital for keeping your baby safe and warm and receiving blankets are great for wrapping them in. Babies love being snug and swaddled.

5. Changing Pad

This could also be a changing table. Diaper accidents are likely to occur often, and these changing pads will save you from having to change your sheets and clean your mattress a lot.

5. Cotton Swabs and Balls

These are perfect for gentle cleaning of baby. You can use these to gently wipe off a spit-up or swab in between those fingers and toes.

7. Nail Clippers

At some point, your baby will acquaint nails with soft cheeks. To prevent scratches, keep your baby's nails trimmed with these clippers.

8. Baby Carrier

You can use pouches, wraps, slings and more. What's important is being able to keep your baby close to you and still be able to use both hands.

9. Digital Baby Thermometer

Babies are also likely to get sick, so instead of having to rush to your pediatrician each time, have this on hand to accurately take your baby's temperature.

10. Crib or Bassinet

You will have to have a place where you can put baby down for sleeping or nap time.

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