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10 Great Ideas for Summer Jobs Abroad

Although summer jobs abroad are not easy to find, a little creativity can provide you with a lifetime experience and lifelong friends.

Summer jobs abroad can be a great way to learn about the language, culture and people of another country. Although summer jobs abroad are not easy to find, a little creativity can provide you with a lifetime experience and lifelong friends. Here are ten ideas to consider:

1. Teaching

Teaching a foreign language or English to the native population is a good way to earn some money abroad. The pay and benefits for teaching English are excellent, and you can also learn the language and culture of the host country.

2. Au Pair

Working as an au pair not only earns money, but can also provide you with free food and accommodations. The household duties that you would have to perform can help you learn about their customs and culture.

3. Working at Libraries, Parks or Museums

You could also get yourself a job at libraries, museums, amusement parks or zoos abroad. If you are artistically inclined, the museum is the best choice for you. Animal lovers can look out for jobs at the zoo and bookworms can head to the local library in search of a summer job.

4. Tour Guide

If you love the outdoors, working as a tour guide can give you an opportunity to explore while you earn.

5. Working at a Ski Resort

Working in a ski resort can help you enjoy your holidays while looking after new skiers.

6. Hiking Leader

A leader in a hiking group is another great outdoor summer job.

7. Summer Camp Counselor

A job at a summer camp can help you interact with young people and keep you relatively busy.

8. National Park Attendant

A job at a national park can help you see the natural wonders of the country you are visiting while you earn money.

9. Career Counselor

Working as a counselor can help you to guide children towards a better future, and you can have fun while you do so.

10. Teacher's Assistant

Jobs as teaching assistants are easy to find anywhere in the world and can be an enjoyable experience.

The Pros and Cons of Summer Jobs

There are several types of summer jobs available in any country you happen to visit. A temporary job is ideal if you plan a short visit in a particular city or town. You can earn by the hour and leave at a short notice. However, these jobs do nothing for your curriculum vitae.

An internship or a training position can keep you busy for a few months but may not pay as well and can't be terminated at a short notice. Summer jobs that allow you to do some social work and pay your debt to society may not pay you for your time, but they can help you meet interesting people while helping those in need.

Laws and regulations vary in different countries and you should ensure that you follow the legal requirements of the country you are visiting in order to prevent complications. Make sure you have a work visa for the country you are visiting before you try to secure a summer job.

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