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10 Changes to Expect when Becoming a New Parent


Becoming a new parent comes with many responsibilities that include buying diapers, burping the baby, providing and safe and healthy environment while constantly worrying if you are doing it right. Apart from the new baby, new parents undergo a lot of changes themselves. Here are 10 changes to expect when the baby arrives.

1. Emotional Seesaw

In the first few months of parenthood, new parents will go through a lot of emotions. There will be a lot of amazing highs, some new feelings and, of course, some downtimes within the family as everyone adjusts to their new roles.

2. Stress and Exhaustion

The first few weeks of parenthood will be a big time when you and the baby will adjust to new schedules: feeding, sleeping, working (waking up in the wee hours of the morning to feed the baby, etc.).

3. Less Communication between Couples

With your attention on the new baby, you and your partner will have less time to communicate. Make sure that parenthood doesn't affect a loving and nurturing relationship. Have date nights or catch up with each other when the baby is sleeping.

4. Less Time for Sexual Intimacy

Many couples report that they have less energy for sex once the baby has arrived. Apart from that, conflicts may surface in the first few months as you adjust from being a family of two to a family of three.

5. Changes in Relationships with Family and Friends

Your established relationships with those close to you, such as parents and friends, will adjust to incorporate your new baby into your life. How often will your child see his grandparents? How much do you want your parents involved in the raising of your child? What activities can you still do or not do with your friends? Your friends and family care. Don't be afraid to ask for help as you adjust to parenthood.

6. Lifestyle Change

The arrival of a new baby, especially for first-time parents, will result in a change in lifestyle. There will be no more late night-outs with friends and no more partying unless you hire a nanny (which is not advisable in the first few months because you need to form a bond with your baby as much as possible).

7. Forgetting to Look After Yourself

This can happen to most parents. They forget to eat, sleep and groom themselves after the baby has arrived. You should remember that taking good care of yourself is helpful in fulfilling your parental role in a positive way. The stronger and the better you feel the more patience you will have and the more love you can give to your new baby.

8. Anger, Depression, Worry and Anxiety

If you feel more down than ever, talk to a friend or consult with a physician. This is a natural thing, just remember that feeling like this will not last for long. A baby is a big life change, and it is just a matter of adjusting accordingly.

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