View Full Version : Fantastic call the other night - this is Profound!

02-12-2012, 12:34 PM
Did anyone catch the wisdom call Friday night?

I absolutely loved what I heard and especially wanted to share this one tidbit that really stood out.

It's not about "Get Rich Quick" How many companies have you seen out there that try to "sell" you the money, to "sell" you the comp plan. That is all part of the game and the con. It teaches people how to love something that cannot love them back.

Here it's about Community, it's about Cause, it's about Commitment, it's about the Products, and it's about Mindset!

That is what I love most, having a sense of "belonging" with like minded people and together we all achieve more. How awesome to be part of a bigger purpose.

Would love to hear what others got out of the call!