View Full Version : HI! I Think I'm in the Wrong Spot but....

12-24-2011, 03:09 PM
...what happened to the categories "Paid to Read Emails" and "Paid to Take Surveys"?

Let me go on to say that I posted on this site in recent years with the username Tysarra(though to be honest I was mostly a lurker), but I no longer have access to that email, so I had to make a new account. Let this be a lesson to those that make totally off the wall passwords so "no one will know it"...turns out not even myself *laughs*

But back to my original question, I came across two, what appear to be fantastic survey sites and was excited to actually have something to contribute here(after lurking for so long). But, they're gone! :(

Can anyone tell me if they've been moved and I'm just not seeing them, or are they truly gone forever?

Thanks so much!