View Full Version : Anyone own any merchandize from Initial Outfitters?

08-17-2011, 05:07 PM
Hi! I just recently discovered Initial Outfitters by searching direct sales companies on line. There are no reps in my immediate area and the only way I can take a personal look at the products is to start ordering or selling them, sight unseen, (except by web or catalogue). A few folks have posted issues with the products on this site, while most who have posted have never seen the products in person. I hoped that since the last thread about this company was posted, maybe some others have tried the products and could give me feedback on them. I do not want to buy or sell things that are not of a good quality. Affordable is nice, but junky is not nice. So any info you have is appreciated! Thank you!:o

mj's initial outfitters
10-05-2011, 01:23 PM
I understand what you mean..... when I found IO there was noone in my area either.... it was a leap of faith. I LOVED the prices and the catalog looked nice but I was not sure of what I was going to be getting!! I jumped in and thought for the price I would spend that at Walmart or Target.... and LOVE the products!!! I also LOVE the company!! If you want more information I would love to send you some pictures of my products, or if you want I can see if there is someone close to you who can meet you to show you the products. I know you would love them!! Let me know!!

MJ :)