View Full Version : Delicious *flourless* Peanut Butter Cookies

07-29-2011, 01:53 PM
2 cups peanut butter
1 cup of regular ol' white sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp vanilla extract
dash of salt

Mix all together. Roll in small *balls* and lay on cookie pan approximately 2 inches apart. Feel free to take a fork and press it on top to do criss-cross designs.

Bake @ 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Take out and allow to cool for 10 minutes.

Pour a large glass of milk and enjoy! :-)

These turned out SPECTACULAR for my family when I made them.

Amy Jacobs
08-04-2011, 07:09 AM
Is that a real pic? I love making PB cookies I put small Hershey bars on top :)

08-29-2011, 07:16 PM
Yum this is a great recipe for gluten free diets. I have a low carb version that uses splenda instead of the sugar.

Lynn B
08-30-2011, 04:34 PM
I made this recipe recently and it's my new favorite! I won't need another pb cookie recipe again :)

08-30-2011, 05:40 PM
YUM! I love peanut butter cookies.
thank you for sharing the recipe..

I'll have to make this
they look very good...


09-08-2011, 12:45 PM
Yum ! I'll have to try this recipe!

Linda Hinkle
09-09-2011, 08:37 PM
uumm those do look good can't wait to make some tks for sharing the recipe :D

09-09-2011, 09:27 PM
Thanks for this recipe. My brother is on a gluten free diet and he loves peanut butter. I think I will make him some tomorrow.


09-11-2011, 11:50 AM
I love PB cookies and love simple recipes even more (I'm not much of a cook). Thanks for sharing. I'll share with one of my friend's that is new to the gluten-free world.

10-14-2011, 07:19 AM
I like peanut butter a lot, but sometimes it's rather tough for me and my diet.
So hope that weekend will be with the motto of these cookies:).

10-14-2011, 08:51 AM
I made this recipe recently and it's my new favorite! I won't need another pb cookie recipe again :)

Glad you love it! :)

Has anyone else tried it?

10-15-2011, 03:47 AM
Oh peanut butter cookies, how long has it been since I tasted you.
XD Thanks for the recipe! I really want to try them!