View Full Version : What do people think of Backspacer?

06-21-2011, 12:21 AM
Just curious. I know a lot of people were divided on the Avocado album. I hated it the first run through but I of course grew to love it, as many PJ fans do. Let's face it, sometimes change is hard to accept and their style definitely changed somewhat.

I personally feel that Backspacer has bridged the gap between the new sound of PJ, Vedder's more personal, acoustic style and the soulful, grunge-era PJ of Ten and Vs, as well as adjusting to Vedder's more smoky, raspy vocals that became more evident on tracks like World Wide Suicide and Life Wasted.

It's like a perfected version of the rough draft of an album they were trying to make when they released the Avocado album.

And yes, it's less political and a bit more positive, probably thanks in great part to the end of Bush's era and the rise of hope for Vedder's ideals.


In terms of songs, I'd say Johnny Guitar is the weakest and Just Breathe is their strongest. Just Breathe is destined to be a classic.