View Full Version : 3 Xtra-Lg Rubbermaid Bins of STUFF-Make $ Selling @ Swap Meet/Garage Sale! Best Offer

03-12-2011, 03:21 PM
This is Pick Up ONLY in So Cal near Long Beach, CA

3 Extra-Large Rubbermaid Bins of STUFF (everything you can think of):
NOTE: Bins are each 50 Gallon Capacity (40.1 x 20.5 x 20.7 inches)

DVD's, VHS tapes, A food steamer used once, knick-knacks (really nice items and many like-new ready for sale!) A little bit of everything - trust me - as I am a reformed "Horder" and acquired LOTS of nice things but finally "got with the program" and realized I need to clear out my "inventory" of stuff.

***I also have a few antique items such as a wood coffee table w/drawer (for TV guide, etc.), & a cool rattan/wood swivel chair that also rocks (like new, really nice).

AND I have a vintage 70's super-cool unicorn on canvas that is huge (40"x40") - stretched on wood, ready to hang on wall - email me for a picture of it - best offer

I also have a mini-trampoline with arm exercise poles attached to it for an upper body workout as well, and even have a DVD that has great exercise routines for it - best offer

These items can easily be re-sold at a swap meet, a garage sale, a thrift store, or keep some for yourself! - The possibilities are endless.

I am too busy to try to sell at a swap meet or I would!!

Best offer (NOTE: Bins must all go together - not interested in just unloading 1 or 2 of them - all 3 must go!) The antique items mentioned (coffee table and chair), the trampoline and the unicorn wall picture/hanging can go separately.

Let me know if you're interested and want to make a great profit on this stuff or just want to add to your own collection.