View Full Version : looking for a baby bath line

09-27-2010, 06:46 PM
i want to look at site that i thought was uborn or usborn but i am wrong. it was bath products and they had a baby line?

i saw it on these forms once but cant find it now!

09-27-2010, 07:09 PM
I'm pretty sure Jordan Essentials has a baby bath line.

09-28-2010, 06:16 AM
If you can't find what you were looking for, Watkins will be rolling out a natural baby line very soon!

Stay tuned, I think it will be fantastic (based on how well I love all of their other bath and body products).


09-28-2010, 12:04 PM
I believe Shaklee has a great baby line that is all-natural. Check out the folks in the Shaklee folder! HTH! : )

09-29-2010, 12:59 PM
thats for the suggestions ladies. but thats not it :) i was just wanting to look at there line. i wont be buying any of course! it is not avon or mia bella! lol

10-23-2010, 11:23 AM
i looked back at shaklee. i think that was it! :)

bit for now i use mia bella bath bar and pump soap on my 2 babys.

10-29-2010, 06:18 PM
Jordan Essentials definately has a line with no mineral oil or harmful chemicals many skin care lines have.