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11-19-2009, 04:37 PM
Got this from my NVP last night!

The key to Arbonne's success is deeper science. While I can't share what's on the horizon specifically, I wanted to share with you the topics of new product development from last night, including:

- Cholesterol control

- Enhanced nutrition absorption

- Improved symptoms of hormone balance

- Rapid reversal of fine lines/wrinkles

- DNA repair

- Cell restructuring

- Rejuvenation/regulation of cell span

- Cell life extension (28 to 40 days)

- Addressing osteoporosis & menopause issues

- Hair growth

... and more!

Also, check out :: Arbonne :: (http://www.rbonne.com/company/green/index.asp) to view rbonne's continued committment to environmental responsibility. Know that I will share more information as it becomes available ... hang on and get ready to be amazed!