View Full Version : Do You Have a Child Product to Promote?

10-09-2009, 01:28 PM
Hello - Modern Sage: New Traditions for Living Well (http://www.ModernSage.com), a leading women's online magazine, is offering discount ad space for WAHMs that sell childrens' products. We are promoting a brand new category entitled "Your Child, Naturally!" for the upcoming holidays and more. You must sell products that are Fair-trade, Organic, All-Natural, Eco-Approved,etc. Educational items, products and books must be approved for content by the Editor. If you would like to view the category and guidelines, please visit ModernSage.com Advice for Practical Living (http://www.modernsage.com/Guide/GiftGuide.aspx?Mode=&GUIDETYPE_ID=8) or email liz@modernsage.com