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01-11-2008, 06:58 AM
<A name=OLE_2></A><A name=OLE_1>Rodan + Fields, the most noted dermatologists in the industry and the creators of PROACTIV SOLUTIONS, are making their #1-rated skincare product line exclusively available through direct sales Independent Consultants!</A>
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PM or email me: indulgein925@gmail.com foraccess information to a recordedOpportunity Call you can listen to at your convenience, 24/7.

There are a very limited number of openings for Pre-Launch Rodan + Fields Consultants who will benefit from Rodan + Fields’ official national launch beginning Spring 2008. Millions of existing Rodan + Fields retail customers will ALL be transitioned to Rodan + Fields’ new Pre-Launch Independent Consultant direct salesforce! AND, any new Consultants who join during National Launch events will all be placed under existing Pre-Launch Consultants!

A limited number of Pre-Launch Consultant positions are available. No more Pre-Launch Consultants will be accepted after February 28, 2008!

It’s only $45 to purchase your business kit—that’s the only fee to sign-up!

Take advantage of this opportunity to start a business with existing brand-name recognition and millions of existing satisfied customers. Getting in on the ground floor of the Rodan + Fields’ National Direct Sales Launch will allow you to build substantial income quickly with the company providing an opportunity to GIVE you customers and team members during National Launch!

Pre-Launch Consultant positions are only available through existing Rodan + Field Consultants like myself until the available positions are filled (first come, first served). Please contact me indulgein925@gmail.com today for more information on Rodan + Fields products and the Pre-Launch Consultant opportunity!

View these best-selling and award-winning products here: http://www.RodanandFields.com (http://www.rodanandfields.com/).