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  1. Make Offer; Movie Theater Shops; CA IL IN MD MO
  2. Virginia - Wings Restaurant Dinner Assignments
  3. $60 shop in Ottawa, ON!
  4. Female needed for child care shop in South Lyon, MI!
  5. Female needed for child care shop in Jackson,MI!
  6. Bank Teller shops available, MI
  7. Casual Lunch shop in Yuma, AZ
  8. Casual Dinner shop in West Covina, CA
  9. Casual Dinner shop in Thousand Oaks, CA
  10. Casual Dinner shop in Santa Ana, CA
  11. Casual Lunch or Dinner shops in Pasadena, CA
  12. Casual Dinner shop in Fullerton, CA
  13. Casual Lunch or Dinner shop in Burbank CA
  14. Casual Lunch shop - Alhambra CA -
  15. Upscale Boutique Hotel Overnight Stay - Lacrosse, WI
  16. Intact mystery research group
  17. Popular furniture store shops in Canada!
  18. December Assignments Available - IL
  19. December Assignments Available - Ft. Lauderdale
  20. December Assignments Available - OK/TX
  21. December Assignments Available - PA
  22. December Assignments Available - WV
  23. December Assignments Available - NJ/NY
  24. December Assignments Available - More FL
  25. December Assignments Available - FL
  26. December Assignments Available - KY/OH
  27. December Assignments Available - LA
  28. December Assignments Available - DC/MD/VA
  29. December Assignments Available - MS
  30. December Assignments Available - MO, LA, AR
  31. $60 - do the shop this month, get paid this month! AK CA HI IA IL KS LA MA & more
  32. California Inquiry Mystery Shops on Pinnacle Job Board
  33. Arizona Inquiry Mystery Shops on Pinnacle Job Board
  34. Calling All Sarasota, FL Pizza Lovers!
  35. Easy & Tasty Ice Cream Shops in California!
  36. Casually Sophisticated Grille and Wine Bar Shops across Florida!
  37. Get Paid 75.00 For Senior Living Tours!
  38. Pizza Carryout Shop- NEW Client. CO/IL/KY/MI/NC
  39. $95, MI MS - Retail Audits
  40. Many States, $14 retail Inquiry Assignments, December Expedited Payments
  41. $200 Retail Audits, Expedited Payment December - MT ND
  42. $5 bonus added to mobile sales retail shop
  43. Fast Payment, $60 - Inquiry shops - CA IA IL KS LA MA ME MI MO MS NC NH NM & more
  44. $30 Cell Phone Purchase/Return Assignments Available - GA ,FL, MD, DC, and VA
  45. Apartment shop in Garden Grove and Tustin, CA!
  46. Have access to an Acura? Earn $100!
  47. More Upscale Resort Visits - St. Croix, Des Moines and Montgomery
  48. Inquiry Mystery Shops in Evansville (IN)
  49. NJ Bank Investigators Needed
  50. Urgent electronics store shops in CA and PA!
  51. Pizza Shops + Bonuses!! Tracy, CA
  52. Pizza Shops + Bonuses!! San Jose, CA
  53. Pizza Shops + Bonuses!! San Francisco, CA
  54. Pizza Shops + Bonuses!! Roseville, CA
  55. Pizza Shops + Bonuses!! Fremont, CA
  56. Pizza Shops + Bonuses!! Davis, CA
  57. $16 Credit Union shops in Jenison, MI.
  58. $6 Email shops in West Michigan
  59. St. Croix, USVI Upscale Resort Assignment Available
  60. Mystery Shop with Bonus in Burlington, KS
  61. Mystery Shop with Bonus in Great Bend, KS
  62. Inquiry Mystery Shops In and Around Los Angeles (CA)
  63. Casino, Bank, Music and Paint Store Assignments Available - CA, FL, ID, OR, PA and WA
  64. Wapato WA Restaurant Assignment Available
  65. Bank Investigators Needed in NJ and NY
  66. Cash Bar Assignments: MN, TN and TX
  67. Massage/Facial shops- NC/SC
  68. INCREASED FEE! SHORTER FORM- Burger shops- across the US
  69. Taco Time- baja-style tex mex fast casual shop- AZ/KS/LA/OK/TX/
  70. Retail shop featuring Infant/Toddler items- locations across the US
  71. Mobile Dept Evaulation at big-box retailer- across the US
  72. Floral shop in the Dallas area
  73. Fine dining- steakhouse shops/ Dallas area
  74. Golf Outing on us! IL/TX/VA
  75. Bank shops in Texas!
  76. Retail Nursery Shop-CA/GA/NC
  77. Casual Tex mex shops-FL/LA/OK/TN/TX
  78. SPECIAL PROJECT- mobile retail shops- across the US
  79. Casino Assignments Available - IL, MO, MS and OH
  80. FL/GA: $30 Cell Phone Purchase/Return Assignments
  81. DC/MD/VA: $30 Cell Phone Purchase/Return Assignments Available
  82. Bar Compliance Dining Assignments for 21-35 year olds!
  83. Bank Assignments and More in the Laurel Highlands Region of Pennsylvania!
  84. Free Gallon of Paint Mystery Shop - ID, OR and WA
  85. California Banking Inquiry Mystery Shops - Combos Encouraged
  86. Arizona Banking Inquiry Mystery Shops - Combos Encouraged
  87. Bonused apartment shop in Milwaukee, WI
  88. Make $75.00 for a TOUR in Tennessee
  89. ✲´*。.❄¨¯`*✲。❄。*。¨¯`*✲pizza✲´*。.❄¨¯`*✲。❄。*。¨¯ `*✲ fremont, san jose, tracy, sfo
  90. Upscale Resort Visits AL, SC, MI and Dominican Republic
  91. Assignments Available Nationwide - Multiple Companies
  92. Chicago Area Hotel, Restaurant and Bar Assignments
  93. Are you hungry for WINGS in OH and VA?
  94. Upscale Casual Grille and Wine Bars Across Florida!
  95. Michigan foodies & mystery shoppers:
  96. Sarasota pizza lovers!
  97. Awesome ice cream shops now available across california!
  98. Hungry for PIZZA?!?!?! (¯`·._.•SAN FRANCISCO - STONESTOWN GALLERIA •._.·´¯)
  99. Hungry for PIZZA?!?!?! (¯`·._.•SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA •._.·´¯)
  100. Hungry for PIZZA?!?!?! (¯`·._.•FREMONT, CALIFORNIA •._.·´¯)
  101. Hungry for PIZZA?!?!?! (¯`·._.•TRACY, CALIFORNIA •._.·´¯)
  102. NJ Child Care Center Assignments
  103. Luxury Vehicle Assignments, $50 each - AK AR CA CO CT DE FL GA HI IA IL IN KS & more
  104. $14 reatail shops - AL AZ CA CO CT FL GA HI IA IL KY MA MI MN MO NC NJ NY OK PA TX WA
  105. KY, OH, PR, QC TN UT - Retail shops, some purchase reimbursement up to $250
  106. Wings Mystery Dining - OH & VA
  107. Telephone Medical Mystery Shops - AR & OK
  108. Shopper needed in Ottawa Canada!
  109. Follow Your Nose! -ATLANTA, GA-
  110. Bonused shops in Oklahoma!
  111. Casual Dining, Family Fun and Entertainment! Blaine MN, Rochester MN
  112. Calling All Pizza Lovers! - CA; Fremont, San Jose, Tracy, San Francisco
  113. Hey MI Moms: $37 Weekday Child Care Shops in Howell, Livonia, South Lyon Due 11/5 -
  114. $37 TN Child Care Shops in Franklin, Hendersonville, Brentwood, Due 11/4
  115. Mystery Shops for a Community Credit Union (Northeast FL)
  116. Michigan Child Care Shops in Howell, Livonia, and South Lyon Due 10/30
  117. Banking Inquiry Mystery Shops AZ, CA, DC, FL, IL, KS, MD, MI, OH, OK, PA, TX, VA
  118. Bonused shops in IN!
  119. Car service shops in AZ, IL, NE, and TX!
  120. Banking Inquiry Mystery Shops Across US for October (map view provided)
  121. Acura owners! Great paying car service shops in many states!
  122. Child Care shops in GA!
  123. Canadian Market Research/Mystery Shopping Company
  124. Nutrition club shops all over MN!
  125. Ice Cream Shops Across California!!!
  126. Big bonus on easy shop in Lubbock, TX!
  127. $37 MI Child Care Shops in Howell, Livonia, South Lyon Due 10/16
  128. Need 1 More MI Mom for $47 Child Care Shop in Jackson Due 10/16
  129. A Closer Look Needs Editors and Schedulers
  130. Wyoming shoppers needed!!!
  131. Hey Mi Moms: $47 Child Care Shops in Jackson Due 10/9 - Are You Available?
  132. Need Jackson Moms for $47 Child Care Shops Due 10/9
  133. Call Center QA
  134. [IN] Restaurant shop with up to $20 reimbursement
  135. [MN] $14 Inquiry-only pawn shop in Duluth, MN
  136. Looking for GA Moms to Shop Child Care Centers
  137. Looking for PA Moms to shop Child Care Centers
  138. Need 1 CT Mom to do 8 Child Care Centers at $37 Each = $296 Total Project - Due 10/7
  139. Need 3 Great MI Moms for $42 Child Care Shops in Jackson Due Wednesday, 9/30
  140. Need 1 Great MI Mom in Howell for $37 Child Care Shop Due Wednesday, 9/30
  141. Earn your holiday cash now by mystery shopping!
  142. [MI] $20 credit union inquiry shop in Schoolcraft MI
  143. [VA] $20 loan inquiry shop in South Boston and Emporia VA
  144. [MI] $11.00 plus $15 reimbursement Grocery shop in Muskegon and Whitehall MI
  145. Upscale dining shops in MA/RI
  146. Entertainment shop featuring bowling/games-AZ/TX
  147. Casual dining shops- Erie, PA area
  148. Retail health & beauty shop- across US
  149. Winner Winner! Awesome Chicken Dinner availabe in Texas
  150. Upscale Dry Cleaning shop- Dallas/Houston
  151. Retail shop featuring Infant/Toddler items- locations across the US
  152. Mobile Dept Evaluation at big-box retailer- across the US
  153. Bank shops in Texas!
  154. Banking Inquiry Mystery Shop in Glen Burnie (MD)
  155. Experienced Mystery Shoppers Needed for Upscale Hotel Evaluations
  156. Inquiry Mystery Shops in Arizona for September
  157. Massage/Facial shops- NC/SC
  158. Hardware shops- MN/ND/SD
  159. Holiday Decor retail shops- East Coast to MI/IN
  160. Healthy sandwich shops- Denver area
  161. Hometown burgers in Dallas area
  162. Pumpkin Spice Latte time!- PA/DC
  163. No purchase mattress shops- TX
  164. Casual Tex Mex shops- Dallas Metroplex
  165. Build your own burrito's- Denver area
  166. Yummy Comfort food dining shops/AZ/CA/CO/OR
  167. Golf Outing on us! IL/TX/VA
  168. Ice Cream shop in FL and CA
  169. Movie Theater shop in NM
  170. Fun and Flirty Themed lunch and dinner shops in NE and AZ
  171. Massage shop in MI
  172. Delicious Tex Mex shop in GA
  173. Get Paid 25.00 to go to the gym in Knoxville
  174. Have Fun Lookong At New Furniture (No Purchase Necessary!)
  175. Get paid to buy new clothes!
  176. Fun Tex-Mex restaurant & bar shops
  177. Acuras needed for Service shops! $65+reimbursement. Locations across country!
  178. Health Insurance shops in NY!
  179. St. Joe, MI shoppers! Groceries are on us!
  180. Retail shop featuring Infant/Toddler items- locations across the US
  181. Dry Cleaner shops- Dallas & Houston
  182. Mobile Dept Evaulation at big-box retailer- across the US
  183. August-September Fast Food Mystery Shops in AL, AR, FL, KY, LA, MO, MS, OK, TN & TX
  184. Trampoline park shops in CA, CT, DE, FL, IA, IL, IN, NC, ND, NE, NJ, OH, PA, SC, TN
  185. Shoppers needed in Canada!
  186. Great Burger shops- across the US/CA
  187. Mobile Dept Evaulation at big-box retailer- across the US
  188. Upscale Fashion Sunglass shop- across the US
  189. Upscale Tex Mex dining shops/AL/AR/AZ/CO/IL/FL/NE/NY/MO/OH/OK/PA/TX
  190. Casual Tex mex shops-FL/LA/OK/TN/TX
  191. Family fun Pizza shop in HI
  192. Retail Nursery Shop-CA/GA/NC
  193. GfK is recruiting Fresh Faces to join our panel
  194. Bonused shops in CA, NM, OK and TX
  195. All Q3 Inquiry Mystery Shops Mapped in: AZ CA DC FL IL IN KY MD MI OH OK PA VA WI
  196. Boardwalk shop in Santa Cruz, CA
  197. Oklahoma Phone Shoppers Needed!
  198. Telephone Mystery Shoppers Wanted - U.S. residents only
  199. Get paid to take a tour, take a class, or just workout at a local fitness center
  200. Apartment shops in Indiana!
  201. Eureka, Ca shopper needed! Bonused shop!
  202. 2-3 Mins. Mystery Shops in Ganado and Louise (TX) pay $40 Combined
  203. August - September Fast Food Mystery Shops in AL, AR, FL, KY, LA, MO, MS, OK, TN & TX
  204. Trendy DOWNTOWN ATLANTA Restaurants!
  205. Calling All Sarasota, FL PIZZA LOVERS!
  206. Upscale Restaurants shops throughout FLORIDA!
  207. Michigan foodies & mystery shoppers:
  208. Orlando party animals!
  209. ARKANSAS Mystery Shoppers & Foodies!
  210. INDIANAPOLIS Mystery Shoppers!
  212. Service Station Mystery Shops in Saipan!
  213. Huntsville and Fort Payne, AL pizza shops available
  214. Desperately Seeking Shoppers!
  215. Pet Store Shops, Boston suburbs, $10 shop fee, reimburses up to $15
  216. Orlando Hotel Shops, Business travelers needed
  217. Fast Food Shops in Mississippi!
  218. Mystery Shop with Bonus in Great Bend, KS
  219. MA and RI - Fine Dining Assignments!
  220. $5 Bonus Trampoline Park Shops-Sarasota& Tampa, FL; Lakewood, NJ; Holland,OH
  221. Banking Inquiry Mystery Shops in AZ
  222. Inquiry Mystery Shops for Bank Branches in MI
  223. Inquiry Mystery Shops for Bank Branches in OH
  224. Banking Inquiry Mystery Shops in MD for July
  225. California Banking Inquiry Mystery Shops (L.A. and Sacramento Regions)
  226. Fast Food Shops in CASSVILLE, MO!
  227. INDIANAPOLIS: HOT Restaurant & Sports Bar Shops!
  228. ARKANSAS: HOT Restaurant & Sports Bar Shops...
  229. Brentwood, tennessee shoppers:
  230. Knoxville, tennessee shoppers:
  231. Trampoline park shops: Gaithersburg,MD; Lakewood,NJ; Sarasota&Tampa,FL; Holland, OH
  232. Fast Food Shops in Arkansas!
  233. Fast Food Shops in Texas!
  234. Fast Food Shops in Oklahoma !
  235. Sherwood Park AB - Fast Food shop with big bonus!
  236. Fast Food Shops in New Mexico
  237. Cable Company Evaluation Shops In CO, MT, NE, OR and WY,
  238. Portland, OR Valet Parking, $20, plus reimbursement, 97204 and 97205
  239. Burgers & Fries or a milkshake? Many states, Scheduling in July
  240. North Richland Hills, Ford owners we need you
  241. ND MN & SD - Simple Retail Assignments
  242. AZ & CA - Casual Dining Assignments, you will love this one!
  243. Got Spots? Dry Cleaning assignment, $25 - TX
  244. MD & NJ - Waxing Assignments, FUN! $25 each
  245. North Carolina - SPA shops, Massages & Facials
  246. Erie, Meadville and Warren PA - Popular Dining shops
  247. Retail Store Assignments - OH OK ON OR PA PE RI SC SD SK TN TX VA WA WI WV WY
  248. Retail Store Assignments - OH OK ON PA PE RI
  249. Retail Store Assignments - NC ND NE NF NH NJ NY
  250. Retail Store Assignments - ID IL IN KS KY LA MA MB MD ME MI MN MO MS MT