6 Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Traditions to Start This Year

'Tis the season to count your blessings--but teaching little ones about the idea of thankfulness is no easy task. Help them appreciate Thanksgiving by getting them involved with these six ideas for new traditions to start this year.

How to Creatively Cover Child Care

With a little imagination, you can have quality child care that won't eat up your entire paycheck!

The Benefits (and Costs) of Child Care When You Work from Home

A nanny playing with a child.Considering child care? The price may surprise you.

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7 Ideas For Managing Kids' Chores

You probably know that chores are good for kids--but how do you give them chores without creating a headache for yourself?

5 Christmas Activities For Kids--And Parents

Ready to take a break from your computer and dive into the Christmas season? Here are five ideas that are fun for kids and parents to enjoy together.

Get Your Party Started in an Instant with Hasbro!

Want to start an instant party, anywhere, anytime? Check out Hasbro's Pass & Party line which includes party games like Catch Phrase Decades, Taboo Buzz'd and Trivial Pursuit Hints.

Boost Your Children's Learning Experience with the InnoTab 3S Plus!

Enhance your child's playtime experience with the InnoTab 3S Plus from VTech, the one-stop learning authority!

How to Raise a Well-Rounded Child in a Single Parent Home

So many times single moms feel like they have to do everything by themselves, but that's not true. In fact, your kids will benefit tremendously from having a "village" to help raise them.

Conflict Resolution Tips for Single Parents

Conflict resolution is not always the easier path, but it's the better one for you and your kids.

Dropping Your Child Off with Your Ex for the Weekend

How can you make the process run smoothly for your kids?

Handling Discipline When Your Ex Does Things Differently

Now that you and your ex aren't living together, the way you want things done at your house may be very different than the way your ex does things. What should you do when a discipline situation arises?

What To Do When Custody Issues Come Up

Everyone wants what's best for the kids, but can two parents at odds agree on what's best?

How to Help Kids Handle Two Sets of Rules and Expectations

What can you do about co-parenting with someone who is raising your kids differently than you do?

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