Get Out of the House: 3 Great Work Place Alternatives

A woman working in a library. You don't have to succumb to distractions at home; you just have to know where the perfect spots to refocus are.

Creative Work Spaces

A woman working in her home office. Build a work space that suits your personality and lends itself to productivity.

How to Childproof Your Home Office

A child looking over a childproof fence.Childproof your work space with these crucial steps.

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How Technology is Helping More People Work at Home

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3 Modifications to Enhance Your Home Office and Increase Productivity

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Home Office Checklist for Telecommuters

Telecommuters need a home office that helps them be as productive as possible.

Does Working at Home Mean You're More Productive Than Office Workers?

Distractions are everywhere, but some think WAHMs are a step ahead of the average American worker.

Turning a Closet Into a Home Office

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How to Design a Home Office with a $500 Budget

Want a home office but on a budget? Learn how to build one in under $500.

Decluttering Without Tears: 9 Ways to Dejunk Your Life

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Turn Your Additional Bedroom into a Home Office

Need a home office? See how you can utilize the space you already have.

Home Office Management for Parents: 7 Tips for Managing Your Time

By Debbie Williams As a home business owner you can budget your finances, create whiz-bang proposals,

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