6 Work at Home Jobs You Can Do

A Looking for a part time job? We highlight our top 6 picks.

How to Become a Virtual Administrative Assistant

A woman examining her schedule planner.With the help of technology, many companies are hiring administrative assistants who never have to set foot in the office.

Stay at Home Mom Jobs for Skilled Workers

Color swatches laid out.Highly educated moms have more and more opportunities for telecommuting jobs in technical fields. We highlight the top 3.

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Perform simple tasks online to earn extra cash.

5 Reasons Why You're Not Being Hired

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How to Set Your Fees As a Virtual Assistant

There is no one-size-fits-all philosophy for setting the rates of your virtual assistant business.

12 Elements That Need to be On Your Virtual Assistant Website

Being a virtual assistant requires a website to build a successful business. Do you know the elements that attract and retain the most clients?

The Top 10 Paying Virtual Assistant Opportunities

Virtual assistants are not just secretaries who work from home. Today, every industry needs assistance which can be done virtually, ranging from legal assistants and graphic designers to customer service assistants.

How to Use LinkedIn to Land Jobs Without Searching

If you have a complete LinkedIn profile, you may land yourself a job or two.

Where to Look for an Online Teaching Job

If you have a higher education degree, online teaching is a work option that may be for you.

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