10 Unique Work-At-Home Jobs You Need to Know About

Woman typing on her laptop.Turn your passion into a career with these 10 unique work-at-home job opportunities.

The 4 Best Work-From-Home Freelance Jobs

jewelry makingFreelance work comes in all shapes and sizes, and these 4 options are tailor made for the freelance lifestyle.

The Key Skills Required to Get Freelance Data Entry Jobs

Typing on a keyboard.Interested in data entry? Here are the skills hiring managers are looking for.

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What Is Elance?

Looking for freelance work? It may be time to try out the eBay of the freelance world: Elance.

3 Convincing Job Scams to Watch Out For

When starting your work-at-home job search, make sure you watch out for these three convincing job scams.

What is a Copy Editor and How to Become One

You don't need a special degree or any special training to be a copy editor - just a love of the language.

How to Land Clients as a Freelance Software Developer

Find success as a freelance software developer with these unique tips.

How to Get Started as a Freelancer

Freelancing is a great way to continue working in the career you love, but also be completely in control of your workday.

Is Freelancing a Good Career Option for You?

Find out if freelancing is a good career option for you by answering these five questions.

Working From Home With American Express

Find virtual call center work with a well respected company.

How to Find Freelance Software Development Jobs

Have the skills to develop software but want to work from home? Check out these four strategies for landing freelance software development jobs.

How to Find Medical Billing Jobs

Medical billing can be a rewarding career, but how do you get started without becoming a victim of an internet scam? Here are five tips for finding legitimate work from home medical billing and coding positions.

How to Become a Freelance Copy Editor

Freelance copy editors are in high demand--but how do you get started in this work at home career?

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